ACP Census 2.0 And Ask Ken Some Deep Dark Stuff

Hai ACP!

I was thinking we should have another fun census where it is my job to ask you loads of fun and informative questions which will help us understand you guys better. It is my job to build relationships with you guys :mrgreen: How better to do that than ask intrusive questions!? Jk. But knowing about your interests do help. I read all your comments, since I kinda have to anyways now that you are going to me kinda asking me some stuff as well in the comments. Okay well lets get started! Copy and paste the questions below to the comment box.

  1. What Is Your Favorite Type of Food?
  2. Favorite Type Of Music?
  3. Best/Favorite Subject In School?
  4. How Many Hours Do You Spend on ACP?
  5. Which Day Do You Have The Most Time To Go On The Computer?
  6. What Is Your Timezone?
  7. What Kind Of Candy Do You Like?
  8. How Many Times Do You Check The ACP Site And At What Time?
  9. Do You Think The Leaders Talk To You Enough?
  10. Which Army Do You Dislike The Most?

If you have any questions for me, I will answer them in a comment or edit!

Sorry for now being able to get on earlier, my internet died yesterday while Fort was continually spamming KENNETH KENNETH Ken Ken Ken Ken KENNETH! in my PC. But the internet is now fixed and I am back in business! I was also wondering if you guys would like to have a fun night on chat on Friday. We can have drinks and stuff and parties uh and stuff…

Comment ACP Troops!



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