British and Americanisms

Hai ACP,

I got bored and I was studying how to pronounce some British places since a lot of them were actually street names in my city. I thought I would like to do a fun kind of post comparing the UK and USA/Canada. Since most of our troops come from those countries and while we have a lot of similarities, we also do have a lot of differences! Being a Canadian, and before today, I never really learned how to say Gloucester, Leicester, Yorkshire and Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysilio gogogoch (Welsh town) properly. I am sure many Brits are also fascinated by stuff like why Americans call football, “soccer”. There are lots of differences between American and British English. For example the rank of Lieutenant in the UK is pronounced “Leftenant”. There are some more differences below. The American English will go first and the British English will go second. So here are some differences.

Gas station/Petrol station
Mashed potato and sausages/Bangers and mash
Realize/Realise (Remember Ek?)
Beating a dead horse/Flogging a dead horse
Math/Maths? (I am not too sure about this one)
Divided Highway/Dual carriageway

The real reason I am learning all this is so I can communicate with Flip and UK troops even more. 😆 You see this is how a conversation in PC between Flip/Ek and I goes.

Example 1

Ken Hey Flip what homework are you doing right now?
Flip: I am doing some Maths.
Ken: Uhh what? O_O I am also doing Math.
Flip: What? Its Maths! Not Math!

Example 2

Ken: Hey Ek did you know that the BBC reported about a snake being on some guy’s hood on his truck?
Ek: Some guy’s what and where? Don’t you mean the bonnet of his lorry?
Ken: Uh sure! Whatever that is (wary)…
Ken: Do you know of that Scottish Chinese girl from Harry Potter?
Ek: Yah, she is from Motherwell, you won’t know where that is (wary)

I asked Ek what was the most irritating thing you ever heard Americans say? And he said

There are many (wary) (Ek if you should like to elaborate please do and edit)

I then asked Foxtails what was the most irritating thing she thinks Brits say.

C’s swapped for S’s (Like practice and practise)

Oh Flip or Funks if you would like to add under Ek you can! Many all these differences can bring us together. What do you think? What do you find annoying? I know me speaking Canadian English, there is kind of like a mix between British and American English.


18 Responses

  1. Ken I didn’t you were Canadian guess we have something in common, but just to be sure how do you spell color

  2. These posts are surprisingly fun to read. I’ve never really noticed more differences between UK and North America besides the “c” and “s” thing, but I guess I have a lot to learn.

  3. Have you noticed the difference between the States Zy and the Canadian zed

  4. Practise and Practice has absolutely nothing to do with the dialect of English, you have a volleyball practice and you practise volleyball(anybody notice the difference)

  5. Both/3 of those countries are cool, Js *wary*

  6. I never answered that car one. FAKE 😆

  7. It’s kinda stupid, cos the Americans took English and altered it. Silly Americans =P

  8. Kenneth, wow you are Canadian…do you speak fluent French and do you eat back bacon, eh?(wary) Living up north there is a lot of Canadian accent influence where we live. Welcome to the Great White North:)

    • p.s. there are a lot of differences in dialect between different areas of US too. For example, in the Pacific NW we say “pop” for soda drink. In New England they say “tonic” for pop. In the Southeast they say “soda” or just “coke” for pop. In Pacific NW we say “tator tots” and in New England they say “potato puffs.” One more that’s a bit funny…in Pacific NW at the county fair we say “Elephant Ears” for a tasty dessert treat. Back in New England, they call them “Fried Dough.” I think elephant ears sounds more interesting (although a bit yucky) than fried dough! So it varies from region to region and then within those regions, it varies culture by culture.

  9. i like kens posts cuz most of the time they fit on one page and u dont have to click read more. just some times though.

  10. brits FTW! (I’m still learning british english cuz im polish but im kinda an expert now cuz im in britian for 4 years)

  11. Isn’t a bonnet also like something a british grandma would wear?

  12. Just Wondering *wary*

  13. It’d be nice if you didn’t make it sound so blatantly condescending; the majority of us, as the human race and whatnot, can quite easily differentiate between these feeble ‘alterations’ to the English language, that is of course, unless we are all twelve years old. Oh wait…

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