ACP April Fools Day Party & Rookie Tracking

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Some News||Poll of the Week

Why hello there!!!

As you all saw last week, I did a SEC (Stew’s Epic Corner) the reason is because I’m getting a little bored with FAT. I mean, it’s the same thing every week. So, I’m giving FAT a break for a while, and when I feel I’m ready to bring FAT back, you may see the following things:

  • New Questions
  • Another Shot at NSFAT (Not So Famous ACP Troops)
  • Return of some of the best people I’ve interviewed
  • And More!!!

In other news, im going to make the next episode the “Season 2 premere” Which should be posted 2 weeks from today (today being March 30th, 2012).

If you saw in Asd’s “General assessments” I got a 4. I’m very happy with that, don’t get me wrong, but I really want to get a 5 next time. I know I’m not the most active person on chat, but I can’t stay on chat for 5 hours a day like Flipper. I have school from 8:00 Am to 2:30 Pm. I try to go on chat from 2:50-4:00 and then maybe come back on later in the night. I try to go to every battle I can and try my best to be a “fun” mod, but I’ll kick people, so don’t think I wont kick you just because I can be funny. Anyways, I’m going to ask all of you to comment and tell me what I need to work on to get 3ic back, because after being fired and realizing what it takes, I REALLY want it back. So, if you can tell me what I do wrong, I’ll work on it and try to do better. Thanks.

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Sloof Lirpa Party!

Hai dere, ACP!

If you didn’t understand the title, that’s okay.  The word “April” and “Fools” are flipped around and backwards.  YES– it’s the April Fools party on Club Penguin.  One of the most funniest and wackiest parties of them all.  Not to mention, one of the most fun.  The April Fools party was one of my first annual parties I attended on CP back in 2008.  It’s only been getting better.

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