ACP April Fools Day Party & Rookie Tracking

Hello ACP!

One of ACP’s favorite parties has arrived, the April Fools day party! Club Penguin’s favorite green penguin Rookie is making his rounds to Club Penguin and we’re here to help you find him! Sunday night we’ll be partying on Mammoth and tracking Rookie together and hopefully getting some recruiting in as well.. but either way recruiting won’t be on the top of the list. You won’t need to be in ACP to come party with us and track Rookie. We’ll see who can find Rookie the most and keep track of how many times we could find him (who knows, we might set a record for the records page :mrgreen:)

ACP April Fools Party!

Sunday April 1st 2012

Server: Wherever we find Rookie!

4:30 PM Eastern

3:30 PM Central

2:30 PM Mountain

1:30 PM Pacific

9:30 PM United Kingdom

2.) ACP uLead Reminder!

It’s not everyday members and moderators alike have a chance to lead an event themselves and it doesn’t happen that often, don’t be the one to miss out on the chance to lead ACP in a training session yourselves! Also might I remind other armies not to host events on ACP servers, it doesn’t look good for you and it could be taken mistakenly as an act of war. Our entire list of servers can be found HERE.


ACP uLead Session

Saturday March 31st 2012

Server: Breeze

3:00 PM Eastern

2:00 PM Central

12:00 PM Mountain

11:00 AM Pacific

8:00 PM United Kingdom


Comment if you can come! Stay tuned for my army community weekly review Sunday! Did you enjoy this post? What should Slider post next? Answer in the comments!

16 Responses

  1. Ooh yes.

  2. third?

  3. 50-50 like always for Sundays. uLead I can make

  4. might make both probably

  5. I’ll be there

  6. I like to party it up.

  7. I can come

  8. I can make to both.But don’t you think if Rookie is on the server he is on it’s gonna be full?

  9. I can make the uLead but sadly not the party. I’m away to London on Sunday until Tuesday.

  10. Tactics Session is right in the middle of Ken and Flip’s party

  11. Sadly, I can’t come to the Rookie search party.

  12. i can come to rookie search

  13. I can come to the ACP Rookie Search Party

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