Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife


“I almost got my brains blasted out the other day but other than that I have nothing to say.

Okay this was back in October, around Halloween on I think Klondike. I was almost assassinated for the second time. The records have now been declassified. So here’s the story. I was at my cottage one night. Doing the usual Ken stuff like making tea. I usually drink tea without milk or sugar. But I was feeling lucky and I put a sugar cube in this time.  As I reached for my jar of sugar cubes near the window. I saw the glistening of a sniper’s scope. He shot and missed. He blew up my Chinese teapot and my old Victorian style kettle like thing. My windows broke. He missed the first shot by only a few inches and I dove for cover under the cupboards. I grabbed my revolver out and called the ACP Klondike Metropolitan Police. Knowing I was the ACP Leader, they got here in 5 minutes. The assassin had left and on the ground where he was, was this picture of me in his sights. Chilling story eh?


These days have been really quite boring. Not that all of you are boring or that I am getting bored of ACP, but nothing very very exciting is happening, and all the new stuff has already been posted by others. I want to ask you guys what you find exciting and any things you would like me to post about. I am done asking you questions, I already know too much!

I also got a new iTunes gift-card. I am not up to date with any of your hip hop and rap stuff though considering I listen to two to three hundred year old music written by badass European composers. If you would like to make any suggestions on what is “cool” nowadays go ahead.  If there are any people who likes classical music as well, I would appreciate your suggestions immensely. I also listen to the bagpipes believe it or not.

Finally, what do you guys think spying is useful for? What kind’s of things do you think you can learn about the enemy from spying? How important do you think it actually is? How much of an effect does it play in the winning of battles or wars? Do you consider spying fun? This is all in relation with that new CPAC post.

Anyways good day. I hope you had fun at the party! We have a battle with SWAT tomorrow! Don’t forget!




18 Responses

  1. I need more things to post about!!!

  2. THIRD! WOO!

  3. Kenneth, we are stuck wonderfully in the same era or music. I highly suggest CSO…just about anything from them if you like serious brass and percussion sections, Chicago Symphony Orchestra with Charles Schleuter is the one to go with. I recommend CSO’s “Carmina Burana.” I’ve played this work myself and it’s amazingly powerful, just like ACP. Carmina Burana is in Latin and is about the Wheel of Fortune. Incredible. Otherwise go for Mahler.
    Other than that I love Scottish Rock and I suggest Runrig or Glengharry Bhoys. Also the World Pipe Band Championships are always an annual hit. I played in a pipe band, so it’s extra sweet.
    Party Rock Anthem is a hit too by lmfao if you’re into that. Have fun spending!

  4. You’re trying to be assassinated? Live my life; due to the amount of assassination attempts from penguins, I’ve had to place sentry cannons and hire guards to defend me. Despite continued attempts, the message is clear to most; one does not simply try to steal a walrus’ bucket.

  5. Lmao.
    Anyway, RAP is terrible and so is most of the stuff right now. I love Greenday and Muse as I guess they’re a bit different. Coldplay also, though they can get annoyingly depressing sometimes 😆


  7. These posts are actually more fun to read than you’d think. But they’d be better if the stories were longer.

  8. I could not make anything today D:

  9. coo, post

  10. I almost sniped Ken
    I missed but noone knows its me
    Or do they ?!?!?!?!?!?!

  11. Maybe we can set up a spy agency again? Then I’d really be active in ACP 🙂

  12. Ken who would try to kill you

  13. I seriously have over like six $20 iTunes cards.

  14. If you want music advice get, Spyro Year Of The Dragons music its done by Stewart Copeland

  15. well ken your title iz (hmm sliders heere o well 🙂 ) actually a song title so just stuff it in youtube

  16. Mozart FTW. I love listening to Mozart when I’m playing my car racing games, it encourages me to go quicker ‘cos it’s relaxing. =P. Anyways Ken, you should try Dubstep. It’s good because WUBWUBWUB.

  17. i like manafest theyre a christian rock, metal, and a little rap.

    but i will now put up bullet proof windows for now on untill swat’s anger is cooled!

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