April 2012 Promotions – Do You Deserve One?

Cart: Congratulations to everyone who got a promo, if you didn’t, tell a leader, and work harder next time.

Hai ACP,

Original pic by Flip

Sorry for the late well kinda late promos. But anyways the real question is do you deserve a promo? Plus more of you will probably be promoted. Promotions will be updated as the week goes along. Here is the form you must fill out.

Number of medals and why you deserve a promotion:

Example Comment

Username: Kenneth1000
Rank: ACP Supreme Commander
Number of medals and why you deserve a promotion: A billion medals! I deserve a promotion because I went to lots of events and on chat. Plus I am leader 😆

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[NEW TIMES BELOW!]ACP = Full Time Mammoth Defense Force[Promotion Battle]


[gigya width=”480″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.xatech.com/web_gear/chat/chat.swf” quality=”high” flashvars=”id=44295558&gn=theacp” align=”middle” wmode=”tranparent” allowScriptAccess=”sameDomain”

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When the ACP Bunny Duck Says E+L, You E+L!

Hai dere, ACP!

As you can see our new mascot, Bunny Duck, was at our event today.  He was hopping all over the place and quacking too much for our taste.  On the other hand, he did really help motivate a lot of people.  If you see our new mascot at any other upcoming events remember to quack at his face and shake his hand.  Isn’t he just the cutest thing?

This afternoon we had our little training session.  It started off horrible but once ten minutes passed into the event we were well on our way.  We’ve had so many events this weekend.  I’m sure after all these three successful events that we’re good to go.  If you attend this event you will have received three more medals to your collection.  Promotion day is up ahead so get ready for it.  Try to get in as many medals as you can.

Like I said before, the way we started this event was very sad.  We couldn’t even get fifteen on for the first ten minutes.  I understand if you guys are getting a little tired.  Just get some early shut eye if you need to.  We need everyone to get on right when the owners say so.  It’s extremely crucial and more crucial during a war battle.  ACP wants soldiers who are extremely active.  If you’re experienced, that’s great, but the more active you are, the better.  Thank you everyone who got on with a smile on their face!  I heard we even got up to fifty on our chat.  That’s real nice.




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Any one else get some nice pictures?  In case you did leave them in a comment below.  I’ll add them as soon as possible to this post.  We maxed around twenty-five at today’s session.  Ekpenguin9 and Icey Cold27 lead this fabulous event.  Thanks for listening to us and remember to comment if you were there!

John Legend: The best training is to play by ear: trial by fire.

Let the marching begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Head General

Senate Meeting – May

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PR And DCP Couldn’t Stop Us From Doing Our Thing [DEFENSES BELOW]

Everyone say your goodbyes to 122344A, today he leaves the army community forever, Good luck in life bud.


And our thing is winning, we won. So we started out really really good coming back from the Klondike battle. But the PR raided and DCP also raided. Apparently some army called the Hannah Montana Army also came along? O_O

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Hey ACP!

As you can tell by above, today’s first event was pretty straight forward. Not sure if by intention or what, it looked like MW were invading Klondike so we went to defend. They have since said it was just a training session, but now it seems that Pirates were invading too, so we defended anyway. Our sizes were pretty good, averaging around 30-35 and mazing out at 40, compared with MW’s size is 5-7, this was enough to secure a victory after only around 10 minutes of actual fighting.

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Let Me Rephrase

I understand you were expecting the first “ACP Recap” this week. Well, that is not going to be happening today. HOWEVER, there is a 85% chance it will be next week. Also, I have a contest that involves the ACP recap. I will talk about that later in the post. So, if you all want to know, the reason I have been inactive lately is because of personal issues. I don’t want to go into it, because I don’t want you all snooping in my personal life -.-. So, the first time in like 3 days I looked at the site, I realize MW (Metal Warriors) are being jerks. I never liked them, (I was before the curve). So, since I see a lot of people want to declare war on them, I thought about something. If we declare war on them, we are going to dominate (No offence).  So I really wanted to try to get out to the troops more (I know, like I’m not already). However, I dont know how I am going to get out to them, and after a bit of thinking I had an idea. Maybe, a possible “Soldier of the Month” or week decided by me. THATS RIGHT LEADERS, ME. So, I’ll put a poll up and ask if you like the idea, and if you do, I will add in a “Soldier of the Week” for every ACP Recap.

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“Tenzin: WHOOOO!”

Hello ACP!

Today what I have in store for you is a mixture of topics from a possible brewing war with the Metal Warriors to ACPTR updates and some stuff in between. As you know the Metal Warriors have taken our warning to call off the invasion and thrown it in the trash, and they’ve been expressing their love toward ACP and I too, which I have added the picture below. The staff and I are also starting to improve ACPTR along with our beloved C.E.O Mchappy! :mrgreen: I’ve also put together some tips for our upcoming battles this weekend, all for you when you click read more…

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Commence Rage

Hai dere, ACP!

It’s happened to us all.  You’re in a huge important battle.  It’s getting intense and your odds of winning are slipping away.  Your army looks like it may pull off a tie with the enemy.  It’s crucial you win this battle or chaos will spur.  You rush forward to the next room where your leader ordered to move.  Then the little orange box suddenly appears on your screen.  Without evening knowing what happened, the next second your monitor is on the floor in smoke.  Most of our reactions, “what just happened?!”


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Klondike Nachos’ Shenanigans

Hey ACP!

 I’m sure your all bored of the constant result posts going up. Sorry about that, we’ve been busy with a “war”. Anyway, congrats on defeating the Pirates along with the Nachos and literally destroying them. Loads of medals were provided which, in turn means promotions! Let us delve into the world of this post. Continue reading