Help Out A Friend, Do a Favor For Me

Hey guys, Shab here. A friend of mine, Thumbee, asked for a favor. She was the one who helped us get the ACP chat back within a week when without her it would have taken at least over a week, if not two or three. So, help her out and do this for her.

Please like this video and write a nice comment about it. It can be one or two sentences but at the end of it put “S” so she knows that you were sent by me (it lets her know from where comments are coming from).

Ex: Awesome video ! Good job ! s

Thanks Guys,

10 Responses

  1. No Thx

  2. Sorry, but no. I have little interest in that game and my YouTube channel is used for very specific things. I’m not the kind who likes and comments to things that don’t appeal to my eye.

  3. Sorry no interest in the game also so no.Plus it look like it copied CP.

    Shab: The point was to do a favor for a friend and make a nice comment, no matter if you liked the game or not. Take a min out of your day to do this.

  4. It looks like IDK. Creative. Some how its like 30% copying CP. Although i dont know what website isnt now a days

  5. No thanks. It looks rubbish.

  6. cool post u havent posted in a while

  7. It’s always a pleasure to help out Thumbee. I commented!

  8. Who’s thumbee?

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