Very Good Job On A Very Good Friday



Okay I hope you are done laughing at the title *cough Flip cough* Whether you are Christian or not, you still probably have a day off for Good Friday. Well if you are then Happy Good Friday. If you aren’t uh Happy ACP Got 45+ Day!¬† By the way the ACP is accepting of all races and religion, just putting it out there.

Today we maxed 45 troops using mostly UK soldiers and some troops that are on a Good Friday break off from school. I lead almost all of the battle. While the Flippster gave orders here and there and leading the pre-battle which he done well. We practiced many things today. Last time in the battle with SWAT we had 12 troops or so locked out cause we were kinda slow. I got mad but not at you guys cause I am pretty sure you all were trying your very best. I decided to practice getting in rooms. There will be a time when the enemy is so big that the room will be filled up. So that is why we must practice going in rooms quickly. I got Chris, Flipper, and Funks to time the amount of time it took us to get into different rooms. Our best record was about 30 or so seconds to get to the Dock I think from the Berg!

Our tactics look pretty awesome by the looks of our pictures. What do you think? We only got 4 days or so notice and it was on weekdays. Everyone who came will get 5 medals. Four for coming to the UK training and one for that awesome 20-30 second room change. Lets go put these training exercises and great tactics into good use tomorrow in the PB with the Golds and with the PB with SWAT. Remember to be quick like we were today in filling in the room quicker than virtual SWAT! ūüėÜ Paying attention is key, remember that!

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Oh Herro!

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Pop is home. Sorry I’ve been away for a few days as I’ve been away to London. I left a quick edit on the site and a scroller on the chat to say. If you were oblivious to the fact that I was away then sorry that I haven’t been posting. Let us proceed. Continue reading

I Need Inspiration||Poll of the Week

Hey guys!

I’m starting to lean towards cancelling FAT.¬†However, if I do end up cancelling FAT, WHAT SHOULD I POST? I really found some enjoyment in SEC, but¬†its not¬†up to¬†me, its up to you. Yes, I know what you are thinking:

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