You Can Have A Say In War Plans! + New Effective Methods of Recruiting?

Hai ACP,

Okay I am back again from my whole weekends thing, and sorry for not posting. Well anyways I think it is pretty obvious who we are declaring war on based on my thoughts and observations on what you guys think.

So are we going for a long war or a short war? Short wars are fun but they aren’t as intense and will not tire you out. Long wars are crazy like the one in January and February against the Light Troops and Nachos. Those ones get really serious since we aren’t exactly pwning everyone very quickly. All those three armies we might go to war with are not very big so it will not turn out to be a long war. Plus lots of armies are joining in like the Nachos and I think Ice Warriors as well so that will make victory even quicker. Okay so, let’s discuss how we shall wage our war!

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WAR! What is it good for?

Absolutely everything!

For anyone concerned, this is not a post promoting war in real life but war in CP Armies.

Hey ACP, 

We are the ARMY of Club Penguin, and although we have been busy in a tournament in the past few weeks, it’s time to get busy again. We started training and recruiting a few weeks back, and now a lot of you are wanting war again after around a month and a half out of it. In this post I bring you guys a few options on who we could and should go to war with and the reasons to do it!


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