I’m The Man With The Plan And I Am Also Writing Stories Again

Hai ACP,

As I said, Man with the Plan.

While Flip has been making some allies or something and I have been doing ACP SIS related stuff, I have come up with a plan. Flipper had one too but he wouldn’t share it with me (Wary) and we kinda raged at each other about who has really got the plan and stuff like he said we would. He raged about how I was doing kiddie spy stuff and I raged about him doing the wimpy allies thing, then we raged on who has got a plan. Or otherwise known as the man with the plan.¬† By the way we usually don’t rage in PC at each other but he didn’t say hi when I logged on. So anyways, judging from the comments, you guys either want to battle SWAT or the Blue Miners Army.

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Party on CP

Hey guys, it’s Cart here, your Third in Command. I decided that we should have a party on Club Penguin, our home.


Why? To have fun, of course!

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ACP Forever?

The Army of Club Penguinhas held the position of first on the CPAC Top Ten the most out of all the armies. Ever. However, the question is, when will can’t we claim that title as ours?

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Club Penguin, We’ll take it from here.

Hey ACP!

They took away good non member parties and are starting to constantly give away rarer items. Ach, we’re all too harsh on Disney nowadays. Maybe they have annoyed us but a positive is about to return. Continue reading