The Official Declaration of War Against The BMA And SWAT And More…?

Kingfunks4: I will be away on tour (Rugby Tournament, South of England Championship) during Friday 13th – Monday 16th. I will not be able to come to events during that period. I also need one of the owners to cover my join page (Sunday 15th) if that is possible. Good luck to the start of this war. 🙂

Hello ACP,

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IMPORTANT: Doxing Threat

A group led by SaW is going around doxing people and requiring them to pay in xats to be left alone. The following websites have been compromised and are being used to collect IP addresses and emails for doxes:

  • Nachos (Molly)
  • SWAT (Reece)
  • UMA (Tal)
  • MFW (Unknown)
  • GW
  • Movie Night Website (Molly)
  • Any site in which SaW, Coff, Tal, Vinny, Unknown, Molly, and Reece are Editor or higher

If anyone has any of the above on their website, they should remove them immediately.

ACP War Plan: Possible Invasions

[[ EVERYONE! ]] Invasion of Ice Box



When:  Saturday, 14th April.

Times: 12:00 PM Penguin Standard Time

12:00 PM PST

1:00 PM MST

2:00 PM CST

3:00 PM EST

Hey ACP, 

This is a more detailed description of the War Plan against the armies we are going to war with instead of “we are going to invade them”. Kenneth1000 made a post suggesting 2 possible war plans, and it seemed the 2nd one got a more positive reaction. I am involving that here, but also with added invasions and events and possible servers for us to invade with. I will also be explaining who we are going to war with after my post giving you guys 3 options. Continue reading