The Official Declaration of War Against The BMA And SWAT And More…?

Kingfunks4: I will be away on tour (Rugby Tournament, South of England Championship) during Friday 13th – Monday 16th. I will not be able to come to events during that period. I also need one of the owners to cover my join page (Sunday 15th) if that is possible. Good luck to the start of this war. 🙂

Hello ACP,

I am here to inform you while drinking me orange juice, that we are now in the beginning of a brand new war! So lets have some fun with it. This war shall bring some new excitement to our bored lives. I do not have much to say since they have not really done anything that terrible to us but we are still declaring war because we want to and that the fact our Nacho friends need some help in case their plans go awry. So it is just

This war shall be quite amusing for all of you. Since many of you according to the comments from Flipper’s post, have a burning but healthy hatred of SWAT and BMA for many reasons. Here I shall give some examples.

yea definatley BMA for me. there ignorant jerks. lets go show them they arent everything they say they are


WAR WITH SWAT *blows war horn*


I want to go war with swat. I’m tird of fighting with LT ( BMC) So lets destroy swat! well not destroy. just leave them in ruins.


I think we should go to war with SWAT because they beat us in the Champions Cup (I think that is SO WRONG and needs to be changed). But I think we should go to war with BMA/LT since I hate loio’s guts and his brain is messed up SUPER badly.


As much as I dislike SWAT because they are no good Mammoth flies and cocky/arrogant, and their leaders ruin our chat with their filth and being disrespectful, plus they recruit on our chat, etc, I’m thinking we need to finish the job on LT, aka BMA!! Nachos have declared war on SWAT so let them battle the flies while we go get BMA! BMA is my vote. BMA BMA BMA BMA!


Whoa you guys are certainly excited and pumped up about this war are you not? The BMA and SWAT might not be the only armies we go to war with. The Pretzels have been violating ACP’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. Everything is explained in the picture below.

What’s this? The Pretzels have been on Snow Fort? They are actually trying to challenge OUR legitimate ownership of OUR historic server of Snow Fort? I do not care if the Pirates think they own it. They will also get a beating AS WELL. I warn you, to stop your reckless moves over our servers and civilians which inhabit them or the wrath of the Army of Club Penguin will be upon you. They do not even care to stop when Icey Cold, an ACP owner tells them to stop. In my opinion this is rather INSULTING, and his attitude was rather pompous and a tad bit arrogant. I ask you the people of the ACP if you would tolerate this behavior? Why don’t we go to war with these guys as well?

Flipper: The only reason we were going to war with Preztels was because of Pain disrespecting us and ignoring us, however, Pretzels have given us 100% ownership of Snow Fort and overthrown Pain, so we will no longer be going to war with them.

The invasions will be posted shortly. This will be a load of fun…for us.



54 Responses

  1. FIRST, BOOYAH! :mrgreen:

  2. Pirates own snow forts

  3. My fiery thing goes nicely with out green. Btw yw Mch. I keep mah promises.


  5. yeah bring on the war, by the looks of it pretzels deserve what they get for that. this shud be fun about time we did summin (wary)

  6. sure

  7. Four words. BRING. ON. THE. WARS!!!!!!

  8. This is going to be interesting! 😀

  9. Woo hoo! This’ll be a challenge, but I think we’ll come out of it in the end. BMA will be destroyed, and SWAT left in ruins! *blows war horn*

  10. Yay! Finally we get to use those skills and tactics we worked on all March. Let’s show BMA what we’re made of!

  11. War, finally I hope this lasts longer than 2 weeks

  12. I think 2 armies is enough, coming to war with 3 might be a bit too many.

  13. Jeez i don’t understand why we hate SWAT so much. I mean we lost a battle- Deal with it. ACP can lose. I also think that not all the leaders are mean. Ex. Spi, hes a nice guy (Y)
    I do agree with the whole BMA thing though. I suggest we keep fighting until loio goes out of leadership.

  14. So now Pain’s off making this miserable in Pretzels, eh? How did I know…

  15. I fell so sorry for Pretzels. D;


  17. pirates might eat pretzels though

  18. ACP FOREVER! Let’s go! (Pretzels…you are NEXT!)

  19. alright i say if these guys want a taste of the first army ever brought to club penguin, then we should grab their capital and make them convert to ACP when they lose the war. jk im not that angry but still lets do this im here for ya ACP

  20. One, I gave Snow Forts back to ACP. Its pain fault that we got Snow Forts and we went to war with a army that owned snow forts before us. Pain got overthrown too. Obviously you’re using you’re using you’re power to destroy innocent armies over something that can be solved through talks.

  21. hum ok bad baaaad pretzels lets kick their butts (23rd woot!)

  22. lets do this

  23. You don’t know what you just did.

  24. @Spi I was under the impression we declared war. *neutral face*

    • I don’t mean that.

      I meant that we’re going to kick your nuts again just like in the CPAC Tournament.

      Then again,

      You don’t know what you just did.

      • You didn’t “kick our nuts” in the CPAC Tournament. You barely even won, and you didn’t even win fairly! If you’ll recall, you chat recruited when you weren’t supposed to. In any other case, it would have been a draw and you know it. Furthermore, ACP won’t be focused on SWAT. This is mainly a war between ACP and BMA. If that isn’t enough, SWAT got hacked recently.

        No offense, just pointing out the facts.

  25. i am exited

  26. Its about time i was expecting this!

  27. noobs don’t realize LT is dead lol

  28. LEZ DO DIS.

  29. Wow thanks for helping us ACP!

  30. Trolololol

  31. 2nd Time pain overthrown in an army…This guy is likely to be very hated

  32. Hey, I hear the winds of change…


  34. What this created is 9 months of hell.

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