Man, It Is Just A Bad Friday the 13th…For BMA

Icey Cold27: I added in my own pictures.

Hai ACP,

Well today the Blue Miners failed to show for the second time. So we practiced tactics on Klondike since Zipline was full as well. Well our size was okay with a 41 chat. But our tactics could be better. You guys were quick to form lines and usually to go move rooms but we could work on doing the tactics all on time together. I was still eating dinner half an hour beofre the battle so we logged on a bit later at like 7:50 PM Eastern Standard Time. Many of us were quick to log on. As usual BMA failed to show and we started practicing tactics.

I lead the battle and Slider and Mch as second in command during the event. We did emotes than a typing tactic and so on and so forth. We spent much of our time at the Town before I ordered us to go to the Forts. So we basically started at the Town and to the Forts and we ended at the Ice Berg.  People got to start paying better attention, cough* Asd *cough. Watching Titanic while a battle is going on. Oh crazy Asd, better not happen again (Wary) The pictures I took are below.

Next time I hope we can preform better tactics wise and get even more people on! Everyone who came today gets 3 medals!

Personally if I think they don’t show up, lets just battle them at their own events perhaps. They will be forced to hide from the ACP all the time then. We will not be like cowards like the LT and drilling in their lines. Instead we will fight them 1 on 1. They will have no choice but to fight us! What do you think? Are they still worth invading if they don’t show up? Or shall we change our tactics and raid them unscheduledly.

Comment with your opinion guys!


A Few Polls and Other Stuff

Hey Guys!

I was thinking about a few questions to myself about ACP the other day, and I thought: “HEY! WHY DONT I ASK THE ENTIRE ARMY?” So that is exactly what I shall do.

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Weekend Events – Saturday and Sunday [PRESS READ MORE FOR TODAY’S INVASION]

Please Have A Look At Our Victory On Zipline [We dare you to]

Hai ACP,

We have a pretty busy weekend since you guys went with my plan #2 which is faster.  Flipper made a huge post with possible or well with invasion times. But it seems like BMA are too scared to show to our invasions. Maybe they are scared? Well more servers for us then! I will make the invasions more visible and organized on this post. So this will be ALL our events for the weekend.

First off we got the Invasion of Migrator for our Brits and Euros. It is a safe-chat server, so we will be battling without all those type in bombs and tactics. So I am just putting that out there.The UK events will be in red and USA/Canada will be in green and everyone will be red and green. CLICK READ MORE for the events. Hope you like the post layout 🙂

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Earth Day Party – How We Can Benefit

Check out this chat picture made by Oldtroop for any ACP soldier to use!

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