Deep Snow Deserted

Hey ACP!

Today we logged onto Deep Snow hoping to have another server on our list. That, my friends is exactly what we did. Blue Miners Army were yet again a no show as they continue to ignore our invasions. Continue reading

Defence Of Snow Fort [UK EVENT]

Kingfunks4: Hai Guys! I’m back from my tournament for the South of England + Wales rugby championship. We finished 2nd and lost in the final, but we did ok on the way 🙂 I’ll come to future events as of Monday. 

>>Deep Snow Results HERE<<

Hai Dere ACP!

The Pirates a  fairly small army ranked #13 in CPAC’s top 10 has decided to try to invade Snow Fort from us, Snow Fort is a historical and important server which is used by ACPTR as their main training server. The Pirates claimed to successfully invaded it from the Pretzels who falsely claimed ownership of it. The Pirates are hoping to max around 15 soldiers at the event so this shouldn’t be much of a challenge for us, but nevertheless lets be on the top of our game. Try to log on chat and Club Penguin about 30 minutes early so we can get some well needed recruiting in. If the event happens to end early we might have a little party on the side or a few contests for temp mod. This will mostly be a UK event because most Americans will still be in school.

Defence of Snow forts

When: Monday, April 16th

Where: Snow Fort, Town


7:00 PM United Kingdom

2:00 PM Eastern

1:00 PM Central

12:00 PM Mountain

11:00 AM Pacific

5:00 AM Australia

Comment if you can come!

Thanks For Coming!

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to thank everyone who came to my Xat Giveaway/Party :D.

At the party, Mchappy won the Blobby power and Chris won the 600 xats.

After the trivia contest, we went on CP and has some fun in igloos! We went to 4 igloos and I have 3 pictures.

We go to Sir Peeko’s igloo

We go to Pet Penguin5 (Aka Purple Slime)’s igloo.

To finish off the party, we went to my igloo

Thank you all for coming to my party, it was a ton of fun!