Hai ACP,

During these tough times, we all need sometime to cheer up. By the way if you are wondering why Mch and Slider are posting event posts, it is because I let them and specifically Slider whom I let post the defenses. I will get some more invasions up. The SWAT and ACP will not be invading each other for the time being. So here is the story, continued.

So let’s recap. After blowing up some LT bridges, Foldez and his platoon escape pursued by LT hoards.

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Just Some Ideas

Hey guys! Asd here!

I know I’m not really allowed to schedule things, but who doesn’t break the rules [NOTE: You must follow ACP Rules. If not, we’ll hang you by your pinky toes and shave off your left eyebrow along with making you shovel all the snow and ice out of Antarctica… with a teaspoon). I’m just wondering, what do you guys think we should put on? Here are a few descriptions of stuff I think I’d like to add to the “ACP Fun Program.”

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Rockin’ Raid Results!

>>Important Events found HERE<<

Hey ACP!

I think myself lucky to post this. Funks needs to brush up on names if he wants to write anything in the future. Anyway, we did relatively good for another Euro event in our war(?) against Pirates. I’d also like to say well done for coming as most of Britain, anyway has just started back school. Don’t let ACP get in the way of your school stuff though. How boring of me. Continue reading