Yarr…We b ‘avadin Pirates [MUST COMMENT]

Hai ACP,

I have been busy lately doing homework till 10:00 EST. While have mostly been answering PCs I haven’t talked on chat much.I don’t know why Flipper is afk but I have yet to talk to him. The crazy pirates are invading us during UK times. It is time for the Empire to strike back. This will be the first of many invasions. We all know who is going to win here (ACP). Lets pull off huge sizes for weekday events!

Invasion of Hibernate [**UK** ]

When: Thursday, April 26

Where: Hibernate

Times: 11:00 PM PST  

12:00 PM MST  

1:00 PM CST  

2:00 PM EST  

7:00 PM UK

Invasion of Matterhorn [**USA**]

When: Friday, April 27

Where: Matterhorn

Times: 7:30 PM EST  

6:30 PM MST  

5:30 PM CST  

4:30 PM EST  

12:30 PM UK

Comment If You Can Make It


A New Idea||Poll Results


Well, as I’m sure you have already realized (if you read the title) I have come up with yet another idea for posts. It will be called: “The ACP Recap”. What is this you ask? Well, allow me to explain. With all the wars and all, there have been a lot of battles, so I thought that I could sort of recap all the major battles and events that had happened in the past week, and maybe a few extras, like maybe state this week’s CPAC top 10. So, in the comments, please tell me what you think about it, the post would be created every Friday, so instead of the weekend, you could look forward to the ACP Recap :D. Also, I have been given permission by Flen to be able to post twice a week now. This is good because, I can still do my random post with Poll of the Week and other stuff that’s in my brain, and on Fridays, do the ACP Recap. So be prepared for next Friday’s premiere of the ACP Recap!

I also have the results of all the polls I put up last week.

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