Slowing Down

Hello ACP!

Recently Pirates closed down because of ACP and Nachos choosing to… defend our servers. Eeeeyup thats right our war with the Pirates is over after Waterkid gave up that is. Mchappy also convinced Ganger, SWAT’s leader to end our little feud after tomorrow’s defense of Mammoth. So both our wars have died down or are dying soon, which means we’ll have some decisions to make on what we do next if it’s recruiting and training , an ACP sponsored tournament or just something new, which means we’ll be slowing down. After a war or a tournament we usually go into somewhat of a boring phase where everyone is less motivated and thats what we hate to see! What Waterkid did was a effect of anger after losing, and he went about these losses very immaturely and following the Pirate’s death he posted people’s IPs (which he obviously found by looking through the comments on the dashboard :roll:) which were the people on his hate list.

Lets talk more about what we plan to do after the war ends. Now that our wars are seeming to end we’re finding a break in fighting and some spare time on our hands to help improve. Recruiting is an important thing especially during the Earth day party, and we haven’t done all that much recruiting lately so that might be a nice change in events. We can also use this time for training, which would be events like practice battles and regular training sessions. Regardless of what we decide to do we could have some fun events and parties. We could make our own ACP tournament and invite the army community to join in :mrgreen: many armies have done this in the past, and we’ve talked about the possibility of it before but we just never got to it. Now I present you with a mid-post poll!

This part of the post is mainly for Senators so you can skip it or read on to get your jollies *insert inappropriate joke here* :lol:, up to you. Senators before next month comes around you’ve shown me that you don’t quite understand what a bill is, A bill is a proposed law under consideration by a legislature (in this case the Senate) A bill does not become law until it is passed by the Senate and, approved by the executive (Which would go from Slider then onto Flipper and Ken for final approval or vetoing).Once a bill has been enacted into law, it is called an act.

Now we’re not going to extents like they do in real life, and we’re not going to let the Senate decide for ACP. I saw some pretty unusual bills at the last meeting like a law for soldiers to recruit, which is a bit too serious for ACP. If you need some examples of bills take a look at the bills page on the sidebar. You can also propose to repeal bills. Keep it within reason though, don’t just do it to try it for the fun of it have legit reasons. I don’t want to sound mean but if we get tons of ridiculous ideas and the Senate doesn’t put out helpful bills that are within reason the Senate will be shut down.

Comment with opinions and ideas!


Hey ACP!

Today was our defence of Mittens, a server currently under protecting by us but actually belongs to Shaboomboom. If you’re looking at the title and thinking “what?” let me fill you in. ACP logged in around 20 minutes before the start of the battle and everything went as planned, then we chased Pirates to different locations over the server until they logged off. Then I got some pictures saying Pirates officially stopped the war with ACP, officially stopped all together. I headed over to Pirates chat to see if this was true, and sure enough their leader was raging about how “ACP AND NACHOS GANGED UP ON PIRATES”. Really? Says the leader of the army that CHOSE to declare war on us, so you brought it on yourself and your kind of overreacting if your ending the army because we defended servers.

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Hai dere, ACP!

I could be watching Avatar: Legend of Korra but since I love you guys SO much I’ll be making a post instead.   This post is just showing our results of a little battle we had at Mammoth today.  Waterkid100 took advantage of SWAT (he is an owner rank in SWAT), and ordered them on Mammoth.  Right when I got on chat people ‘caught wind’ that SWAT was online, and at our server, so I got on at the ‘nick of time.’  SWAT had a mere eight online while we gathered our forces.  In no time we were getting twenty online fighting in green.

This battle was a team effort and everyone did well.  At first we were all freaking out a bit, but like I said, once I hushed we got on and finally got to battle SWAT with great precision.  I took two pictures with other people taking pictures here and there.  For all your brave courage out on the battlefield, two medals are awarded to everyone who made the event.  We’ve proven to SWAT that we aren’t easy to mess with.  I thought everyone knew that by now… guess not.  This event was lead by Icey Cold27 (myself) with helping of Ekpenguin9.

End of the battle.

Claiming victory.

More claiming victory.

Forming a line.

A nice line across.

You can't mess with us.

As you can tell from the pictures we did an amazing job.  We smoked them!  It actually was extremely fun.   Thank you SWAT for all the excitement and good job in the battle.  The war with SWAT will be over on Monday, but the Pirates are continuously invading us.  We’ll be invading them back so no need to worry.  Just make sure to come to Mittens today at ten PST (Penguin Standard Time.)  We are the sole survivors.


Let the marching begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Head General