Cloudy Showdown: The ACP vs. The Nachos [MUST READ]

Ken: ATTENTION TO ALL MW (Metal Warriors)! We might not invade your entire nation after you invade Klondike if you re-schedule your invasion, because invading ACP servers are an act of WAR! If you are looking for a fight we will give it to you but on our terms or else we will invade you for your provocative acts. Keep this post stickied for today.

UPDATE: ACP saw this as an attack on their server, so instead we exercise obviously have a real battle. Be prepared!

^^^ Act of war ^^^

Hai ACP,

We will have to protect our number one spot again. The stakes our high. Our biggest rivals challenged us to a practice battle. It would be very un-ACP of us to back out wouldn’t it? If we can get 50+ everyone gets 5=6 medals. Yes you heard me. Never have we given out 6 medals for 1 even before. But this event is super important for us. It is vital and crucial that we bring home a decisive victory for the Army of Club Penguin. As the title might give a clue, this battle will take place on the server of Cloudy which is the server both armies clam to own. What is a better place than that? Remember Cloudy at 3:00 EST. The battle will be lead by Flen and other owners helping. Time are below.

     ❗ The Army of Club Penguin vs The Nachos

Date: 28th of April, Saturday

Server: Cloudy, Everywhere

Times: 3:30 PM EST

2:30 PM CST

1:30 PM MST

12:30 PM PST

8:30 PM UK

Once again if we get 50+ everyone gets 6 medals, and best of all, homemade cookies that Flen baked with love. Jk you get 6 medals and a huge monster truck! But if you like cookies that is fine too. We must win! To preserve the ACP superiority and just to win cause we are like that! We love winning don’t we?

62 Responses

  1. I’m coming 😀

  2. I can make it.

  3. I’ll be there! 🙂

  4. ok i can come

  5. Nothing will stop me from coming to this event. I Will Be There. ACP FOREVER

  6. Atleast i beat Mchappy. >:D Beat That Icey Cold27! MWHAHAHAHAHA

  7. I will most likely be there.

  8. i dont really know if i will be there but i hope this does not lead to war

  9. I will be there!

  10. i can come lets see if something doesn’t come up

  11. Can come.

  12. i will be there.
    nachos are going down!

  13. They Should Be Easy

  14. Nay, can’t come.

  15. YES SIR!

  16. i can come

  17. Going 😀

  18. Im making it

  19. I’ll be there

  20. Flen’s secret ingredient is love… and cyanide.

  21. I’m coming, as is my duty of an ACP soldier!

  22. Im coming

  23. Ill be coming never miss it for the world. And SUPER LOVES WINNING

  24. I’m there sir!

    ~Signed By Hazie65673~

  25. Everyone will attend, so we should win easy.

  26. Might make it after baseball game

  27. I cannot make it.

  28. I’m coming. oh and by the way. GIVE ME PIE IF I COME TO THAT BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *angry*

  29. why cant it be a serious battle if there invading a server they think they own. i say we conquer nachos cuz theyre like mad annoying. btw idk if i can make it i have a life that involves friends so.

  30. I should be able to make this and probably the defense.

  31. I can come.

  32. ok i can come and i want those 6 MEDALS!!!

  33. This will be the best event we’ve had in a while. Let’s show the Nachos what we’re made of! (I believe it’s clovers, penguins and snowballs. 😀 )

  34. I can definitely come. Also, 6 medals for a PRACTICE battle? Goodness, Flipper you really do like us. 😀

  35. I SHALL COME!!!
    wait was that 6 medals???

  36. First, booyah!

  37. Yes I will come

  38. foldez will be there and foldez also wants of monster truck filled with cookies …

  39. a is a normal letter and used everywhere AaAa

  40. ill be there

  41. ok coming

  42. You and I must make a pact
    We must bring salvation back,
    Where there is love, I’ll be there. (I’ll be there!)

  43. Uhhh…what the heck is that “Challenge Accepted” thing? I think I saw it with something Boy Scout related…

  44. I might make it

  45. I’m gonna go maybe. I will try to remember. GOOD LUCK!

  46. i think i can but how long does it last?

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