The worst game of hide and seek – EVER.

Hey ACP!

Today was the event we’ve been leading up to for a while, the defence of Mammoth. SWAT was starting their first invasion of the war, and after some negotiating by Icey Cold27 and Carter157, I think they’re last too! SWAT logged on around 2 hours early and apparently chat recruited throughout the day, but we logged on just 30 minutes before the official event start. As you can tell from the title, the whole event was ACP following SWAT as they tried and hid from us, but we found them within seconds! I couldn’t really get any good pictures of sizes, etc, as we moved within the next minute, but from what I can see most of the defence was positive.

  • Size [9/10]: Our size was averaging around 35 and maxing out at 45 as we chased SWAT everywhere, a great result! Our size most of the time was just a bit better than SWAT’s, apart form the end when we accelerated and basically owned them in every shape or form.
  • Tactics [9/10]: Our tactics were great, especially when there were a lot of room changes and frantic shouting on chat, nearly everybody stayed focused on the task on hand. SWAT did few tactics so ours was really a consolation to our performance, as although they were useful, against SWAT they were useless.
  • Chat [8/10]: Our chat size is starting to become the worst part of our performance, but it’s still pretty good. There were reports that we had around 45+ on popular compared with SWAT who had around 23, and apparently they had been chat recruiting all day.

Because of the amount of room changes, pictures are below without room captions

I can’t remember to the build up to this, but somehow we end up spamming YES.

We take over SWAT’s line (not the only time today) and toot on them. Smells good.

We take over SWAT’s NEW line, and smile at our trolling success.

SWAT run to the Iceberg, and we take their line.. again. E7 as I think we start to begin to annoy them. 😆

“GIVE US A CHALLENGE” I think this was after SWAT moved again, but still a good tactic.

Still shot of us taking over SWAT’s next line..

Over to the Forest, as we express our annoyance that they must keep retreating. “WHY SO RUN?”

Back to the Dock again, and we entertain PR with “SWAT NEEDS WORK”

Finally we finish in the Ice Rink before SWAT log off. E8 in our line.


I’m not sure what rank he is, but Chris, SWAT soldier, announces SWAT’s loss.

Today was a great success as we defended “the motherland” from SWAT, an army infamous for constantly going on there. This ends a successful weekend where we seem to of ended pirates, got official rights to Mammoth and generally owned. A big thanks to Icey Cold27, Ekpenguin9, Kingfunks4 and Carter157 for helping lead when I was doing other activities, spying, and for negotiating to the opposition. This event was 5 medals because of such an important server at stake, and because of our great defence, you throughly deserve them!

Comment for your 5 medals!

46 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:

  2. Made it!

  3. has 25 medalionz.

  4. I wuz their Trololololol

  5. I made it

  6. I came now I have 5 medals since I just joined 😀

  7. I was there! Only for a little bit though! Sorry!

  8. Made it and Ikr Etac?

  9. I was there.

  10. i made it but my computer got slow when we kept on changing rooms and kept on freezing then i lost the other troops

  11. swat are all rude mean cheating people i have reasons why they are bad 1 they go on mammoth more than us 2 they are rude and call enemy armys names 3 they call acp weak and they switch rooms and just dance there

  12. I made it 😀

  13. I was there

  14. I made it

  15. BREAKING NEWZ!!!!!!!
    I made it

  16. I made it.


  18. my rank is corporal.
    I was there.

  19. made this… i always fight for prize servers.

  20. Woot, Lumarnara now has 30 medals. Promo here I come 😀

  21. 30 medals. Promo here I come!

  22. Good battle, ACP. Btw, S.W.A.T. had 34 on popular at one point and ACP was at around 40-43.

  23. I made it!

  24. I made it cant see me in the pics.

  25. made it

  26. I was there. Goodness, this was like the biggest battle I’ve had in a LONG time. Also, you never gave special thanks to me, even though I’ve been a really active soldier. 😀 JK

  27. Good job everyone, I couldn’t make it as I already had a dirt bike ride planned. The good news is I have the week off so I can be on more.

  28. I was there! Can I have my medals now Flipper?

  29. I made it nice job

  30. I made it to the usual pre-battle rally until my bro took over the keyboard(wary). Glad we got those pesty flies (hehe)

  31. Lol today is my birthday!

  32. This battle was fun thanks to our.great leader flipper we won and we will always own mammoth

  33. yep i was there but u cant see me in da photos darn must be behing peeeps

  34. Icey I love your post and i’m learning to put capitals in my speech! :):):):):):)

  35. came

  36. acp ur the army of cute ponies swat is better than u

  37. i can only see myself in 3 photos becouse of ERROR!!!


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