Army of Club Penguin Vs Nachos!

Date: Saturday, 28th April [[ TODAY! ]]

Server: ???, Everywhere

Times: 12:30 PM Penguin Standard Time

12:30 PM PST

1:30 PM MST

2:30 PM CST

3:30 PM EST

8:30 PM UK

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Sunday Training On Mammoth :]


Ken: Flip check secret site immediately. 

Haider ACP!

As you know we just came out of massive war, maybe not in size but it sure tired us out with all those invasions by the Pirates! We really didn’t have a lot of time for training and recruiting and now seems like a great opportunity to get some practice in before another war or maybe CPAC will surprise us with a tournament but whatever happens we should be on the top of our game! I know training can get a bit dry and it’s not always the funnest thing we do but it keeps us well trained and in order so as a reward if everyone cooperates and we can get over 35 Sunday and we can play some games on club penguin and two of the members who do the best temp mod on ACP chat for an hour or so.The times are below!

>>> RESULTS <<<

We’re offering a solid three medals to everyone who comes, plus the rewards if we achieve our goals. So a question, what ideas do you have for events and parties we could hold this month when we’re not in a war? Comment with your ideas and comment if you can come to the training session!

Comment if you can come!