Commence Rage

Hai dere, ACP!

It’s happened to us all.  You’re in a huge important battle.  It’s getting intense and your odds of winning are slipping away.  Your army looks like it may pull off a tie with the enemy.  It’s crucial you win this battle or chaos will spur.  You rush forward to the next room where your leader ordered to move.  Then the little orange box suddenly appears on your screen.  Without evening knowing what happened, the next second your monitor is on the floor in smoke.  Most of our reactions, “what just happened?!”


If you’ve been in ACP for at least a month now, you’ve known that this is quite common.  Getting locked out in an ACP event happens to a lot of us at every event.  Sometimes more than others, like non-members, but when it gets really full (like battling different armies) sometimes our members get locked out.  We’ve all been in the same seat where we freak out and just start letting out our anger on ACP chat.  Before you know it you’re muted and now it’s no fun.  I don’t endorse raging when you get locked out.  The first step is to stay calm and be prepared for some work.

Unfortunately it’s not in our power to if we get locked out or luckily make it inside the battlefield.  This analogy just popped in my head, but think of it as like trench warfare.  Locked out rooms are the “safe part” and the battle room is the war zone.  Obviously we want as many soldiers in the war zone as possible.  To have a successful battle though we will need backup.  If our soldiers in the war zone can get the enemy to retreat, they may retreat into our “trench” (or the room most of our soldiers are locked out in) and we can continue an assault from there.

The two best things to do when locked out is to [a] gather up many recruits, and [b] perform the tactics given on ACP chat.  The first one is obviously is common sense.  To gather up our numbers, we’ll need locked out soldiers to recruit many people.  Saying ACP‘s typically recruiting phrases and you’ll do great.  Now, the second thing is something I haven’t seen recommended or “forced” since my leadership, and more importantly Saint1119‘s leadership who really hit hard on the topic.  She would remind everybody to use her tactics even if they were locked out and would make sure everybody would do it.  It was a great advantage if it could be perfected.  Performing tactics even when you’re locked out makes us look extremely organized.  It may also help gather up more recruits for us because they’ll notice that we are an army; a big one at that too.

Like so.

So next time you’re in a stressful situation, like getting locked out, just stay calm and get ready to recruit.  Try to focus your time recruiting at the room and performing tactics.  If you get locked out, don’t give up and DO NOT log off!  You’ll get inside the room and you’ll get another chance to fight the enemy sooner than you may expect.  Remember this for the battles with MW and Nachos this weekend.  Sorry for not posting in a while.  I had a case of writer’s block.

Donald Duck: Hey! Who opened the door?

Let the marching begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Head General

P.S., look at this cool picture made by Bingoradar.  It’s pretty sickgnast.

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  10. Is this a first of this topic posted? It was noice 😀

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  12. Trolololololol. I spoke in a Yorkshire accent today at school, annoyed 7 people, got moved to a table on my own :mrgreen: Just puttin it out there 😀

  13. That will help me

  14. I hate how Club Penguin made it that non members get locked out easier

  15. I hate getting locked out, it makes me feel unimportant.

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  18. Rage!!!!!!!!!!!!

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