PR And DCP Couldn’t Stop Us From Doing Our Thing [DEFENSES BELOW]

Everyone say your goodbyes to 122344A, today he leaves the army community forever, Good luck in life bud.


And our thing is winning, we won. So we started out really really good coming back from the Klondike battle. But the PR raided and DCP also raided. Apparently some army called the Hannah Montana Army also came along? O_O

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Hey ACP!

As you can tell by above, today’s first event was pretty straight forward. Not sure if by intention or what, it looked like MW were invading Klondike so we went to defend. They have since said it was just a training session, but now it seems that Pirates were invading too, so we defended anyway. Our sizes were pretty good, averaging around 30-35 and mazing out at 40, compared with MW’s size is 5-7, this was enough to secure a victory after only around 10 minutes of actual fighting.

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Let Me Rephrase

I understand you were expecting the first “ACP Recap” this week. Well, that is not going to be happening today. HOWEVER, there is a 85% chance it will be next week. Also, I have a contest that involves the ACP recap. I will talk about that later in the post. So, if you all want to know, the reason I have been inactive lately is because of personal issues. I don’t want to go into it, because I don’t want you all snooping in my personal life -.-. So, the first time in like 3 days I looked at the site, I realize MW (Metal Warriors) are being jerks. I never liked them, (I was before the curve). So, since I see a lot of people want to declare war on them, I thought about something. If we declare war on them, we are going to dominate (No offence).  So I really wanted to try to get out to the troops more (I know, like I’m not already). However, I dont know how I am going to get out to them, and after a bit of thinking I had an idea. Maybe, a possible “Soldier of the Month” or week decided by me. THATS RIGHT LEADERS, ME. So, I’ll put a poll up and ask if you like the idea, and if you do, I will add in a “Soldier of the Week” for every ACP Recap.

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