Let Me Rephrase

I understand you were expecting the first “ACP Recap” this week. Well, that is not going to be happening today. HOWEVER, there is a 85% chance it will be next week. Also, I have a contest that involves the ACP recap. I will talk about that later in the post. So, if you all want to know, the reason I have been inactive lately is because of personal issues. I don’t want to go into it, because I don’t want you all snooping in my personal life -.-. So, the first time in like 3 days I looked at the site, I realize MW (Metal Warriors) are being jerks. I never liked them, (I was before the curve). So, since I see a lot of people want to declare war on them, I thought about something. If we declare war on them, we are going to dominate (No offence).  So I really wanted to try to get out to the troops more (I know, like I’m not already). However, I dont know how I am going to get out to them, and after a bit of thinking I had an idea. Maybe, a possible “Soldier of the Month” or week decided by me. THATS RIGHT LEADERS, ME. So, I’ll put a poll up and ask if you like the idea, and if you do, I will add in a “Soldier of the Week” for every ACP Recap.

I mentioned a contest earlier, so here is what you have to do:

What you have to do: Make me a cool banner or logo for the ACP Recap. You can use any design program. You dont have to be good at graphics, I just need a cool banner or logo.

Rules: It has to say “ACP Recap” somewhere in it. If you want, you can sign it, but you dont have to because I will put underneath it who made it. Any colors can be used. All entries must be submitted by: Wednesday, May 2nd.

*Reward: Your banner/logo in the ACP Recap. 200 Xats.

Thanks for reading!


16 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. damn you ganger, at least I beat mch though…

  3. lol funks fold will think about the comp

  4. 4th I WANNA BE 1ST

  5. I willl do dis. I WILL DO DIS!

  6. probably gonna be someone who sucks up to the leaders or something by obviously repeating orders on chat or a noob of some kind

  7. I can see why we want a new banner

  8. I’ll enter 😀 Sounds fun!

  9. No we need a soldier of the week.

  10. We all beat Mch

  11. Seems like so far SotW will be going on. Good luck, Stew! :mrgreen:

  12. I’m terrible at GFX. So, here’s my submission.

    *Other GFX pics may follow. They shall be in reply comments.

  13. Stew, good idea! I’m going to make a banner and submit soon. I think Soldier of the Month is better than of the week since it incorporates longer time period to earn and showcase and it’s impossible to keep it up weekly.

  14. http://i49.tinypic.com/2v3r5vd.png Yup, I suck at GFX

  15. Stew, I have one to enter! Hope you like it:)

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