Hey ACP!

As you can tell by above, today’s first event was pretty straight forward. Not sure if by intention or what, it looked like MW were invading Klondike so we went to defend. They have since said it was just a training session, but now it seems that Pirates were invading too, so we defended anyway. Our sizes were pretty good, averaging around 30-35 and mazing out at 40, compared with MW’s size is 5-7, this was enough to secure a victory after only around 10 minutes of actual fighting.

  • Size [9/10]: Our size was great for a fairly earlier time than usual, and as mentioned we got some pretty good sizes. Averaging 30-35 we made a full circle in the town and had a lengthy clock tower line in the Snow Forts, before making a kind of slanted V in the Dock, and that was when MW logged off.
  • Tactics [8/10]: Our tactics weren’t that great today,  especially when we had to keep repeating the orders on chat and not many did them. We had a few decent tactics and i managed to get some good pictures, but overall we really need to improve.
  • Chat [8.5/10]: Our chat size was pretty good and a lot of people were repeating orders, but also listening to the orders giving them time to do them. It wasn’t the wrost part of today’s battle, but it’s definitely a factor we could improve upon.

Now onto le pictures!


CLOVERS FOR THE WIN! We show our loyalty to the great clover god.

KLONDIKE IS OURS! Pretty simple message there.

Snow Forts:

A big gap of the tactic bottom right, but apart from that it’s a decent E3.


E9 in our kind of V, and you can also see my pet banana needs to play. Aww.

We then proceed to do a Flower Bomb, and this was directly when MW began to log off.


Double Confirmation from a mod and owner, that they had logged off.

Today was pretty easy, and a great warm up battle for our extra important PB with Nachos that is happening later today, and which could ultimately decide who would be number 1 in the forthcoming top 10. This event was worth THREE medals today, as it wasn’t as important as our next event, so there is another opportunity to pick up FIVE MORE medals later today! Comment if you made it and what you think of this short lived battle!

This event was worth 3 MEDALS, and lead by Flipper7706/Slider568/Kingfunks4.

31 Responses

  1. first

  2. heack yeah

  3. i came

  4. i came 😀

  5. i also came (pretend this is in the fist comment

  6. wait what?

  7. I came. I thought our sizes were great for a little battle like this.

  8. 9th

  9. I CAME

  10. I was there

  11. I CAME!

  12. I was there.

  13. came… up to 56 medals now

  14. I came 😀

  15. I came. It was a pretty easy battle. I went on Mw’s site and I didn”t see a Klondike invasion post I saw a traning session post on Klondike at the same time as the defense. So mabey it was just only a traning session.


  17. Good Job ACP! I unfortunately could not make it due to baseball practice, i made it to the PB though
    Major General


  19. I came.

  20. i was there

  21. I came, but I could only do 2 Tactics (I was at a friend’s house during the battle, and the Internet wasn’t working at his place).

  22. Can I have my medals now?

  23. P.S. Can you add the Animal Army to your ally list? I need 1 ally or I will have to close my army, and you know the golden rule right? Treat others how you want to be treated?

  24. I was there, led some of it too!

  25. Made it, now I have -8997 medals, long way till 0

  26. I came I have 8 medals now and I’m still active :3

  27. Couldn’t come, laptop broke down sorry

  28. Whoa, we did epic!

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