PR And DCP Couldn’t Stop Us From Doing Our Thing [DEFENSES BELOW]

Everyone say your goodbyes to 122344A, today he leaves the army community forever, Good luck in life bud.


And our thing is winning, we won. So we started out really really good coming back from the Klondike battle. But the PR raided and DCP also raided. Apparently some army called the Hannah Montana Army also came along? O_O

After we won our defense on Klondike we had to fight the Nachos. There were reports that PR was going to raid Cloudy so we battled on Tundra. So off we went! The 2ics (Slider) and 3ics (Funks and Ek and Cart) lead the pre-battle until 3:30 EST. Flipper was busy doing important buisness in real life I guess so I lead alone in this battle. Thanks to all owners who hushed and repeated orders since I did not have any days.  So PR and DCP raided but we got rid of them easily by changing rooms, however they both still affected the numbers of the ACP and Nachos. We both briefly contemplated fighting PR in pink but decided not to. We charged the Forts first quickly, but to our surprise the Nachos did not even try to charge in. Instead something even worse came in after. The Purple Republic! They were drilling and making noises but that didn’t bother us. We decided to battle Nachos at the Dock. Made a line and did tactics like snowballs and emotes.

Soon after the Nachos left or retreated into the Beach. We battled them there has well! It was pretty chaotic in there. Joke bombs and emotes going off everywhere! Our lines were mixed into each other. Not too long after, the Nachos left again but this time into the Lighthouse. We prepared to ram the lighthouse doors down! We charged and the Nachos opened fire from above. We got organized quickly with a chatbar line and returned fire. They came down with joke bombs while we defended with E+7 and held our ground.

After the Nachos left and we declared victory. Edd the Nachos 3rd in Command  private chat me and he declared that the Nachos were withdrawing and that the ACP is victorious. Although we did not get 50+ we still didn’t do bad and we still won. For that everyone gets 4 medals!

Ek: Hello! Hope your having a fantastic day. I am and it just better due to our victory over the Nachos. I’ve used all my effort(:lol:) to put together a group of 5 photos for you. The Plaza pictures are from the pre-battle a while before we charged the Forts.

Good job today troops!

Comment if you made it to get your medals!


41 Responses



  3. 3rd i was there

  4. I couldn’t come since I was at a friend’s house and his internet wasn’t working.

  5. I was there and did some leading 😀

  6. I came from about 20 to (8:40PM GMT) to the end.

  7. I came 😀

  8. I came. I really enjoyed this battle. Quite chaotic, I must say. By the way, Slider, please try to avoid playing your guitar during a battle. 😀

  9. I made it

  10. I was there!! 😀

  11. I made it!


  13. Couldn’t make it D;

  14. Yeah i came

  15. I made it. Bye buddy.

  16. Hannah Montana Army = DCP also I made it

  17. Wait How many medals was this?

  18. Hey! I’m in this.

  19. DOnt’ you just love how theres always i cuss word in one of my pc’s?

  20. Thank you guys. I will miss those of you who I have met and became friends with in ACP. It was fun for me to freeload on your chat (wary) Farewell guys.



  22. im in 5 screenshots!!!!!!
    you see my name!!!!

  23. i came 😀

  24. I’m so sorry! I couldn’t come! My laptop broke down! I’m going to get it fixed soon maybe today! I’m sorry, I will be inactive for a little bit. I am NOT lying. I can’t come to other battles for probably this week. I’m sorry!

  25. Yeaaah, HMA is pretty hardcore.

  26. made it. i think ranks from 1st leiutenant to LT. colonel should be given small platoon of like 4 or five or somethin. cuz heres my problem with the ranks. your position in ACP doesnt really matter till u get to be a mod. u dont get to give out orders, your bassically no one until u get to give out orders, your rank doesnt matter. im sayin that 1st leitenant thru colonel should be given small troops or platoons to be in charge of. they still follow ur orders, and we repeat them, but we get to have at least a little bit of authority. cuz this is kinda like a dictatorship during battles. ur rank doesnt matter until u get to give out orders.

  27. Lol hardcore


  29. i was there

  30. Hannah Monntana army 😀 its just for fun…


  32. hannah mon… who? kkkkkkk

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