[NEW TIMES BELOW!]ACP = Full Time Mammoth Defense Force[Promotion Battle]


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When the ACP Bunny Duck Says E+L, You E+L!

Hai dere, ACP!

As you can see our new mascot, Bunny Duck, was at our event today.  He was hopping all over the place and quacking too much for our taste.  On the other hand, he did really help motivate a lot of people.  If you see our new mascot at any other upcoming events remember to quack at his face and shake his hand.  Isn’t he just the cutest thing?

This afternoon we had our little training session.  It started off horrible but once ten minutes passed into the event we were well on our way.  We’ve had so many events this weekend.  I’m sure after all these three successful events that we’re good to go.  If you attend this event you will have received three more medals to your collection.  Promotion day is up ahead so get ready for it.  Try to get in as many medals as you can.

Like I said before, the way we started this event was very sad.  We couldn’t even get fifteen on for the first ten minutes.  I understand if you guys are getting a little tired.  Just get some early shut eye if you need to.  We need everyone to get on right when the owners say so.  It’s extremely crucial and more crucial during a war battle.  ACP wants soldiers who are extremely active.  If you’re experienced, that’s great, but the more active you are, the better.  Thank you everyone who got on with a smile on their face!  I heard we even got up to fifty on our chat.  That’s real nice.




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Any one else get some nice pictures?  In case you did leave them in a comment below.  I’ll add them as soon as possible to this post.  We maxed around twenty-five at today’s session.  Ekpenguin9 and Icey Cold27 lead this fabulous event.  Thanks for listening to us and remember to comment if you were there!

John Legend: The best training is to play by ear: trial by fire.

Let the marching begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Head General

Senate Meeting – May

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