Senate Meeting – May

Hello Senators!

Our first Senate meeting was a bit of a disappointment, and it didn’t see like everyone grasped the concept of what a bill is. We had some pretty unusual bills like one to make it a law to recruit every day or something, but this is a computer game and how many events we have is up to the leaders. If your bill is vetoed by an executive (Flipper, Ken, or myself) don’t argue and throw a fit, it’s not worth it, all the bills need to pass through approval with the executives after it’s voted upon by the Senators.

An executive can also modify a bill to suit the army if it is approved. Back to understanding what a bill is, a good example is the Anti-Hacking bill, many people don’t like it but I find it a good example.You must explain your bill with in a post, tell us how it would work, give examples, and a lengthy explanation about the bill. No one did this before, just telling us how it would work isn’t enough. Making a post on a website you own can also help you edit it, you have a week to work on it and get the bugs out and adjust it before the meeting.

You don’t need to just make new bills, you can add to or try to repeal old bills, but again you have to have a post made explaining your reasoning and backing it up. When making a bill it must be very specifically. Take time when you make the bill, and when you’re presenting it theres no rush let everyone read your post and discuss it, then I’ll announce the time to vote. Don’t come up with ridiculous ideas, be sure to keep everything down to earth and realize theres limits to what bills you can make. The Senate also doesn’t have the power to declare war for ACP. The times are as follows below…

Senate Meeting Of May

When: Sunday, May 6th 2012


Who: Senators ONLY


3:00 PM Eastern

2:00 PM Central

1:00 PM Mountain

12:00 PM Pacific

8:00 PM United Kingdom/GMT

I’d like to ask anyone who isn’t a Senator to not attend, please don’t come on Senate’s chat if you’re not a senator. If you are a Senator try your best to attend, we need as many Senators as we can get to come and we need many well thought out bills presented so we can get actually get some bills passed this time. P.S lunch will be served to you, penguin stew with mashed potatoes and bacon. 😆

Comment if you can come!

42 Responses

  1. s

  2. I can make it. ;3
    Good job on first, Chris.

  3. The morning, is evil.

  4. i think we should bring back ACPSIS

  5. urrrm y am i even reading this ….

  6. Shet.

  7. So many Ledgend of Korra pictures in posts

  8. ill try to be there does it have to be bills can it not be ideas

  9. ill do my best to come now my computer is never ever gunna break down again

  10. I might come.

  11. In the Legend of Korra picture.. does anyone notice the weird kid behind Korra? O.o

  12. His name is Meelo

  13. Meelo FTW

  14. Why all the LoK references? You’re forgetting all us Brits 😦 Do some Doctor Who references or something please

  15. Can you put in a reference to something other than LoK? You’re forgetting all us awesome Brits 😦

  16. Im making it.

  17. 😛
    I still think a sheep is a better maskot xD

  18. I can come! BUT SPLASHY CONFUZZLED! Am I Senator for Brig Gen or Major Gen? Cos Splashy Major Gen now! :mrgreen:

  19. Ill be there
    Ps Im baaackkkk

  20. Uhh guys, this is same time as Mammoth event

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