May 2012 Promotions!

***Owners add new recruits from join page here***

[DO NOT DELETE AGAIN!] Ken: This month I decided to let Slider do the Promotions Post instead of me. Turns out he is pretty good at it! All leaders have contributed so this is a gift from all ACP owners to you the troops for your hard work and loyalty. Please work even harder this month as we have a tough war to win right now.

Hello ACP!

May is coming to a close and that means it’s everyone’s favorite time of the month again! Promotion day! It’s certainly been an interesting month full of wars being won and changes being made. With the end of May it’s almost time for summer to kick in and we’ll surely be recruiting on Club Penguin more frequently. Without further ado, your promotions! Congratulations you deserve them. :mrgreen:

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Think BEFORE You Act

Cart Edit: Thank God you’re okay! I hope your Cousin/Cousins get better. By the way, i’m back. :O

Hai dere, ACP!

Haven’t seen me in the past two days, have we?  To make a long story short, my cousins and myself got in a pretty crazy car crash.  The driver, my cousin, had to have immediate surgery.  Obviously she will be okay seeing as she is in the care of professional doctors; and I thankfully am perfectly fine.  I’ve been with her for the past days, just talking with her. Just remember that before an owner mysteriously goes missing that you don’t judge the person because it may be extremely personal.

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Fighting Fire With Fire


Like many armies, the Light Troops better known as the loser troops have been chat recruiting which is the only reason why they were able to get the numbers that they got. But now due to the LT’s raids and everything, recruiting on Club Penguin conventionally is not much of an option anymore. To be honest I hate chat recruiting but right now it might be the only way to surpass LT’ sizes. Trust me after the war we are doing this the good old fashioned way.

Everyone from members to mods to owners should be at least spending 1-2 hours recruiting on xat chats. First you should PC someone and get to know them. Then you should link them to the ACP join page and ask and teach them to join the ACP. They is way easier and to some extent more effective then conventionally recruiting on Club Penguin. Please do not be lazy about it. Would you rather do this on Club Penguin ? I want to see results. Our join page should have lots of comments EVERYDAY. That is when I know we got results. Our tactics on Mountain today were not that terrible but our sizes surely can get really better.

So remember to chat recruit as much as possible. Everyone soldier and recruit you get, you are making a difference. I am not joking, every soldier counts. Get chat recruiting guys. We should take advantage of it.



In The Clover, There Is Power

Like this post if you want to show how much you miss Flipper and Carter!

Hello ACP!

After a few losses and a few close calls with the Light Troops people are feeling down and everyone’s moral seems to be low, and thats not how it should be. This is the beginning of the war, no one should feel like they need to throw in the towel this early, ACP has never thrown in the towel and to this day it’s whats kept us strong. ACP is and always will be the everlasting army. We have something the LT will NEVER have and it’s what will bring us up again, and thats good soldiers. We have you guys out there fighting for ACP every day, you’re dedicated and with the right help you can be a dangerous force to recon with. Forget about Ken’s retirement plans, forget Flipper was ever inactive, and think about now. Ken and Flipper are here leading now, and whenever their time comes to retire we need to stay strong, if this is really Ken’s final war, make it a memorable one we can all proudly look back on.

Theres no easy solution to stuff like this, you think we won our war against the Night Warriors overnight? It took a lot of hard work to get back on our feet but we’ve done it before, so we can do it again. Recruit on Club Penguin, get your friends to join anyway you can help is much obliged. If you’re retired and have some extra time, recruit with some of the members or come to a few battles here and there. Things like this can really help. We’ll also be giving awards away like temp mod and temp owner again, for example this weekends events *hint hint* We’ll be picking only people who came to the battle and the ones who listened to orders and gave the best effort will be chosen. Next time you’re on late at night with nothing to do, go do a little recruiting on a larger server of ours, you’ll certainly be rewarded when the time for promotions comes. 😉

Don’t lose faith in ACP, whatever those scumbags the Light Troops like to lie about, it just shows how much class they really have and what the kind of people they are. ACP can have a bad week like any other army, but we’ll always come out the next week on top. We might not have won a battle, but the war isn’t even close to being lost and we need to take LT’s cockiness and shove it down their throats, lets show them the power of the clover, what do you say? Make us proud. Flipper, I know you’re hurting but we need you asap bro, if you’re going to retire, make it worth it.

Time To Be Active / Review of Emotes / Who Do You Think Is Suitable For Temp 3ic

Hai ACP,

It is time for everyone to be more active. You, me, the members ,mods, owners. That means getting on Club Penguin more, posting more, and being on chat more.

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An “Overcast” Victory on Cloudy

Hey ACP!

Today we had our defense of Cloudy, and it was overcast. During the pre-battle, we really didn’t do very well. LT was beating us. However, when the battle started at 6:00 EST, the tides were turned. LT shrunk during the battle, and we grew. So, bottom line, we won. There were NO owners on the entire battle. This was frustrating to the troops and mods, but you are forgiven from me. The mods who led this battle were: Emp, Asd, myself, and Capn. So thank you to all people who came, you get 4 MEDALS.

Tactics: 10/10: I have been to many, many, ACP battles, but NEVER have I been to one where the tactics were so PERFECT! We would tell the troops to form a line, or type something in, within 10 seconds, it would be done. Great job!

Size: 8/10: Well, it wasn’t the best of size for us today, but remember, it was 3-4 mods that led the entire time! So, pretty good job in this category, too!

Chat: 8.5/10: Again, our chat wasn’t fantastic as well. There was a lot of AFK people, so we had to use the power bump to “wake them up”. However, the troops that were active during the battle payed attention on chat, and listened to what the leaders said. Great job!

I don’t have many pictures, I actually only have two that were given to me! COMMENT BELOW WITH ANY OTHER PICTURES!


An awesome clover at the end of the battle

© ACP Intelligence Service

So, I gotta admit, it wasn’t the best battle, but we got the job done!

Great job!

Do you deserve a promotion? May 2012 Promotions.

Defence of the ACP Empire

UK Invasions of LT

Edit: Owners, PLEASE look at the important edit on the private post.

Hai ACP,

Yes it’s Funks again making a very important post on the May 2012 promotions. Due to the fact the Leaders or Head Generals haven’t posted this yet I have taken the liberty on posting this myself. The promotions will still be on the 1st meaning you only have two days to comment why you deserve a promotion for May 2012.

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Defence of the ACP Empire DEFENSE OF MAMMOTH of Alpine/Ice Box Void.


For ALL events we will login 30 minutes early

Sunday, June 3rd

6pm EST 5pm CST 4pm MST 3pm PST

Mammoth, Town

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British/Euro Invasions

The LT are a screwed up army aren’t they? They even claim to own the Nacho capital! Please note we are only invading LT’s part. The LT idiots also claim to be owning Ice Box which we took form them the last war so we will show them who really owns it.

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Last Straw of Belligerent Acts [WE DECLARE WAR]

Hai ACP,

Things have not gone as well as we hoped lately. The LT have now just declared war and started invading us. They are the ones looking to pick a fight not us. This is why we cannot ever trust LT and their scumbag leaders. If you guys have to win we must fight hard. They have taken our number one spot. Yes, it is true. I am not going to quit until the Light Troops are reduced to an incompetent fighting force. In your opinion, before Flipper and I leave, do you think it is appropriate for the ACP to actually try and kill LT or at least make them very small? That is reasonable and humane isn’t it?

They have been bothering us for so many wars and most of the time nowadays it isn’t even the ACP trying to pick a fight. The LT are the bad guys here. We are the ones who must reclaim our spot and avenge what they did to us. I am tired of their stupid attempts to try and take us down. They always failed and always will. Ioio and Rob just do not know when or how to stop losing.

The bloody idiots have also declared war on SWAT. It looks like it might be a team effort then.  We don’t need SWAT and SWAT probably do not need us but two armies are better than one to destroy and army despicable as LT. I know some of you still do not like them but don’t you think they have been acting rather nice? Ganger even modded me on SWAT chat without me asking so I reciprocated. Look, the ACP’s goal is to get big. But in this war our goal is to weaken LT greatly. The more help the better. If you all thought SWAT was bad, the LT make the SWAT look like saints.

This war will be a major test for me. And a major test for the ACP. Will we pass or fail? (For any LT haters obviously we will pass just saying.)

We Need People To Defend The Empire! Answer The Call Of Duty!