ACPTR Offical Re-Opening!

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Grand Re-opening!

Teaching Corporals - 2nd Lueteniants for over almost 4 years!

Hello ACP!

Are you a low rank, are you new to armies? Well ACPTR was created for soldiers like you! ACPTR’s staff and I will teach you all about the basics of ACP and help you go from a recruit to a full blown soldier! We’ve been teaching new soldiers like you for more than 3 years in our classroom (chat). Our teachers will help you as much as they can inside and outside classes as well as the Co Leaders and I will too. If you need a mentor the staff members would be happy to take you in under their wing personally. To join ACPTR you need to be the rank of or below 2nd Lieutenant, if you’re above 2nd LT sorry but we can’t accept you.

But why is this? Well we teach the basics and the higher the rank the more experienced the soldier is, and they already know what we teach. The benefits of becoming a cadet are the following, if you graduate you get a promotion, which could be a double up to quadruple promotion in the ranks of ACP! Another benefit you can get is if you graduate with an A+, you’ll get that maximum promotion and also a place on our A+ grads page, which is sorta like the cadet hall of fame.

To graduate you’ll need to attend classes and stay active in ACPTR. Comment on new posts so we know you’re getting the info too, and give us a heads up if you can attend a class or not. When you attend classes feel free to ask any questions, but try to keep conversations during the class to a minimum if not lower. After you come to a class you’ll receive 1 medal, by coming to 9 classes and earning 9 medals you’ll get an A+ at the graduation. You can keep track of how many medals you have at the cadets page.

At the end of the month a final test will be posted, this final test must be completed by any cadet who wants to graduate, but don’t worry it’s easy and we’ll give everyone a few days including 2 weekend days to get around to it, so no rush! Once you graduate theres nothing more we can teach you and you’ll be off to your bright future in ACP!

Join ACPTR by commenting at:

Classes will be scheduled at:

ACPTR classes are held at:

Find out how many medals you have here:

Another question that I’ve always gotten is if someone can join the staff. Well at the moment we don’t have any open spots to fill and we’re doing fine. But it wouldn’t hurt to go over our requirements so everyone knows them for the future.

Staff requirements

  • Must be the rank of Brigadier General or higher
  • Must work well with new soldiers, and have shown us that in their time in ACP
  • Must have vivid knowledge of ACP history, tactics and how they were made, and know about leading, being an ACP leader, and how leadership works
  • Needs to show dedication and activeness in ACP, before we give them extra duties

Now I think I’ve covered just about everything, if you have any questions feel free to PC me on ACP chat, I’d be happy to help.

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  1. 1st

  2. 3rd

  3. 5th!

  4. Let’s see how this generation goes 😀

  5. 6th + Pic failed. ”LOOK WHO’S POPULAR THIS IMAGE BANDWIDTH WITH TOO MANY VIEWS” Oh wait…It must be a trick…DARNIT..

  6. oh look im 7th

  7. 8th and can someone approve my join comment

  8. Too bad I graduated I would join again.

  9. hey cool post man. sorry if ive been kinda rough with my comments on ur posts lateley. just personal problems ya know

  10. ACP forever! :mrgreen:

  11. I’m gonna sign up, i could use it.

  12. Let’s see some more A+ Graduates! 😀 15th

  13. 15th!

  14. The chat isnt working again ._.

  15. what?

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