Debate of the Week: Flipper Is Missing! How Did It Happen?

Hai ACP,

Recently Flipper has gone all AWOL! In case you do not know what that stands for, it means that he is absent without leave, which basically means, he’s gone! (Beethoven’s 5th Symphony Plays)

What could have happened to him?  Foldez an ACP Lieutenant General last seen Flipper on ACP chat on Sunday. Witnesses say Flipper has been only last sighted on Sunday and that no further sightings have been reported to ACP authorities. Kenneth1000 has issued a ACP Empire wide man hunt to search for our leader. Milk cartons bearing Flipper’s face have been made. Where could have one of our leaders gone? He hasn’t talked to Ken or made any posts for a while. What could be up with Flipper? There have been rumours he’s a vampire. But even if that is true, he would not go off to his castle in Transylvania without telling or bringing Ken along.

Could he been working on his homework? Or was he a victim of a terrible terrible crime?! Whatever happened, we all want to find out where Flipper is. Flipper maybe wants to escape from all this and hide out in the woods living like a caveman. If he is safe or not. Kenneth1000 has made yet another flyer.


It is very un-Flip like to go many many days without posting. Perhaps he could be busy. But usually he at least makes an edit or something. So what is going on?! Is Flipper safe or not?!  Died of too much homework? Living in the mountains as a goat herder? Sucking the blood out of innocent women in his castles!? Or is Flipper actually hiding in the basement of ACP Headquarters?

What Do You Think Happened To Flipper?

Comment now! The more comments we get maybe he might return!


You’re a ☆

Hai dere, ACP!

I just wanted to go over a few things that have been happening.  Due to xat being glitchy, I haven’t been able to access it for the past two days.  This is why I haven’t been so much around on chat or for posting.  On top of that I lost my phone and my parents are worried.  They’ve been using the computers to track it down and such.  I can’t believe I lost it.  After all of the commotion with xat glitching I just want to remind everybody that we are still at XAT.COM/THEACP and we won’t change unless xat acts up again.  I feel like nobody really said that we’re still at that chat so I just wanted to make it clear.

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