Summer, Wars and All That Jazz

Morning, evening, afternoon.

Hello Army of Club Penguin and the odd visitor who has found themselves to be reading this. Congratulations on beating the Nachos in our most recent practice battle and the Metal Warriors in the defence of Klondike. Also, a quick well done to all those who got promoted. I’m sure you deserved them.

May-What’s in store for the Army of Club Penguin

Well, April was an eventful month as we always say for every month in the ACP. We’ve been in many short “wars” and have been defending our Nation from armies such as the Pirates and SWAT. The Nachos fought us in a practice battle which we walked out, victorious. Loads of time-zone battles were scheduled and were completed with fairly nice results. The Purple Republic returned for some fun which is still debated to have not finished. ACP survived Friday 13th in which we took the Blue Miner’s Army’s Nation. So, a fairly fun month and we hope for May to be even better(which everyone says)!

Most months have something symbolising them. October has Halloween, December has snow and celebrations whilst June and July have Summer time. May, however has not much unless I’m blind to the fact that they do. Well, Club Penguin sees the return of the Medieval Party but what has ACP got in store? There has been a lot of complaints going around armies that the lack of war right now is killing off the community. Another is that us, the ACP joining in on wars is unfair and not fun. What do we do as the biggest army out there? We have a war anyway :D. Hopefully May can be full of battles which will help us rise even higher. If you ask me, I’m quite pumped for another war. We’ve been fighting off attempts from SWAT and the Metal Warriors but we want something bigger!

Summer approaches

As much as it seems a while away for now, Summer is fast approaching. Here in the UK it officially starts on June 20th but I’m not sure about anywhere else. Summer is best known here for having the most impressive sizes on Club Penguin. We all know we can do better than 40-50 like normally and Summer is the best time to prove it. Many people are off school and back home so we’re all set for a great season.

Club Penguin Army Central(CPAC) will most probably host another Legend’s Cup Tournament(because they are so unimaginative that they can’t think of another name :lol:). Every year it’s been held, we’ve fallen short just nearing the winning title. Hopefully, If we contend in the tournament, if it happens then we will be prepared. Joining onto a previous topic, we can hopefully have an increase in wars during the holidays which should be fun. Let’s look forward to a fun Summer for the ACP which is soon to arrive.

Round up

So, when are you out of School for the Summer Holidays if you even know yet? What do you want event wise? A war, practice battles, Red vs Blue or something different?

May the fourth be with you.

-Ek ACP Commander General

26 Responses

  1. Should be fixed from posted on April 30th 😛

  2. My school has summer hols starting on July 19th :mrgreen:

  3. I beat Mch. ❤

  4. May is my anniversary for ACP and CP armies 😀

  5. Summer battles are just gonna be like battles on the weekends

  6. Summer for me starts on 20th for me. And ikr Yellowie?

  7. I’m out of school on June 15th or 22nd

  8. no more school here in the pst and im in the pst


  10. For me it is the 23rd.

  11. For me, I don’t have Summer Holiday or whatever. But, I should still be fairly active. If the Legends Cup comes, maybe we should stay out of it to make sure we don’t mess it all up unfairly? Just a thought.

  12. Red vs Blue sounds cool!

  13. 8 more day of school :33

  14. Errmmm… I think I has a holiday in summer so I dun’ think I will be comin’ to those events yer’ got.

  15. I really want to have a war! I’m not going anywhere for the summer =(

  16. July 23rd 😦 😦

  17. yea im thinking we conquer the BMA cuz all the other war since february have just been pointless

  18. I get out of school June 22nd. can’t wait!

  19. I get out of school on the 31 of may.

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