Important Mammoth Defense *TOMORROW*

>>> RESULTS <<<

Hai dere, ACP!

Tomorrow is our important defense on our great server, Mammoth.  If you could guess what army it’d be, I’m sure your first guess would be right.  Indeed it is SWAT who are invading it, again.  I have nothing against SWAT at all, except that they keep invading us, but sometimes I’m confused right now..  This post is made just to express my thoughts and prepare all of our soldiers for this big battle.  Remember that if you make it you’ll receive five medals, clovers, virtual points, whatever you want to call your treasures.

The first thing that gets me is their definition of what a mass raid is.  Mass raid or not, it was scheduled and ACP would have posted about it anyway.  Supposedly this event was to wake up their own soldiers when they did this two weeks ago.  You need to wake your soldiers up every other week?  Just sort of gets me how they keep invading and they’re so chill about it.

The idea of it being a dock only battle.  This just doesn’t click to my head.  An invasion usually partakes in more than two rooms, because that’s the point, grab as much land as you can and put your flag down.  Staying in the dock would be extremely boring (and space-limited) and honestly, could end up being unfair.  Either one of us could log on about five hours early and recruit.  To me it’s like saying, “hey we’re getting on early to lock you out so this is only going to be in the dock.

SWAT raiding Mammoth constantly?  I’m loving the patriotism.  Raiding doesn’t bug me much because we, ACP, really need to work on our unscheduled size and whatnot.  Puts our soldiers on aware and influences them to patrol more.  But, if you’re going to get on Mammoth and raid, then get on Mammoth and raid.  Today I was told that they were raiding so instinctively I got on right away.  I went on over to their chat and they claimed they were just training for a little bit and logged off.  Okay cool.  If you’re going to raid us, then please fight us.  Unless you want it to be held on Tuxedo; no problemo! (← Oh my, Icey Cold27, that was mean. Tsk-tsk.)

Once I reread over this post I noticed how mean it sounded.  I have no hard feelings towards SWAT at all.  I’m just writing down all my feelings I guess.  I’m sure looking for a fun battle tomorrow though.  Is everyone else?  Make sure to wear ACP’S OFFICIAL UNIFORM and be on ACP’S OFFICIAL CHATTING GROUP during the battle.  Taking into consideration that the one-room-battle will only be at the dock, make sure to get there early.  We want everyone online or as many people as we can.  Mammoth is our motherland and we can’t let it be taken away from us at all.  Click HERE for inspiration from our last Mammoth defense.  Prepare for the clovers of the cloverist priests.

Jafar: You’ll all be joining him… VERY soon!

Let the marching begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Head General

11 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:

  2. Pooey. I can’t come.

  3. 3rd suckers

  4. Fourth 🙄

  5. 5th Laika baws. Oh, I can come.

  6. what do you mean medals, clovers Etc.?

  7. we started it wwith SWAT

  8. Ima be comin. BOOYAH!


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