Hey ACP!

I’m guessing we’re at war as SWAT are having another crack at us. This time, they are invading Breeze and Snow Globe. Both are very important to the DRACP as Breeze is our Capital and Snow Globe is an old server from our Nation. On with the times.

Defence of Breeze(Capital) World

When: Sunday, May 13

Where: Breeze, [Snow Forts, Dock, Town, Plaza, Mine]

Times: 11:00 AM PST

12:00 PM MST

1:00 PM CST

2:00 PM EST

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ACP defeats SWAT! (yes… again.)

Hey ACP, 

Today was our defence of Mammoth, the event we have been waiting for all week. It was going to be ACP Vs SWAT, the latest battle in our installment of fights, and although this wasn’t really an invasion it was the beginning of another war between the two of us. Hopefully this one will last for a while, longer than 2 or so weeks. This will probably be a 1 on 1 fight, as both armies were pretty good in size and shoot be able to take each other on.

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Last Call For Promotions! Or Comment Here If You Were Missed On The Join Page!

Hai ACP peoples!

Today is the last call for promotions! Anyways we did pretty good that battle. We maxed 40 troops or more. It was lead by Ken and Flipper and Funks and my Scottish bff Ek. Okay so if you were missed or denied a promotion last month comment here! Don’t try to cheat Ken/Flen and lie! Cause I have a copy of the original ranks! But I know you guys won’t. Also if some owners accidentally missed you on the join page this week, comment here! If you do not see your name on the promotions page and you are new joiner you should comment!  Fill out the appropriate forms below.

Promotion Form

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Were you missed on the join page?

Today is the last call! Comments will be closed exactly at 12:00 EST Ranks will be updated today or tomorrow!