Tippin’ the Berg

This is why we choose the Clover – Read Funks’s post bellow to understand

Hey ACP!

Funks and I here for a joint results post.  Today was our Invasion of Berg which was not the most exciting event we’ve ever experienced. SWAT failed to show up until 5 minutes after the start of the event with not the most impressive numbers. We, ourselves had around 20 on average on Club Penguin. We could have had a quicker start logging on and better tactics but these things happen. We logged on 20 minutes before the beginning on the event and stayed on until 25 minutes past. SWAT surrendered the server of Berg at around 20 past the hour and ACP claimed victory. I’ll let Funks present the battle coverage before we shouts at me.

IT TOOK EK THIRTY MINUTES TO WRITE THAT INTRODUCTION! Anyway, now that Ek has finished his stunning intro I can go onto the battle. We averaged 20 during this battle and our tactics were fairly good. They improved during the battle and they were at their best near the end. Me and Ek (Kingek) lead this event so it was only right that we both made the results. We logged in at 7:40 (uk) for this event and finished at 8:20 (uk). Here are the pictures:

It’s during the pre-battle and our tactics aren’t that good yet.

Our tactics get much better and we have about 15+ in that picture.

I took this picture so you could see our size, 17 in that picture.

At 8:00 UK we Joke bomb the forts, still no SWAT.

We get into a great line matched by even better tactics! I count 19 in that picture.

This is why we choose the clover – because we’re epic!

The SWAT decide to turn up with just less than 10, while we have 15+.

We stand on the SWAT and joke them! We are very funny and they log off in laughter. 


Those pictures look very good for a UK event and 20+ is about half the armies size so I’m very impressed by our UK force right now. Our size was great and our tactics were good so this was a good event for the UK ACP.


At 8:20 UK time Blizzard, SWAT Leader in Training admitted defeat at the hands of the ACP. Now we have berg among our server list and there will be more ACP victories to go. Here is proof of the victory:

Thank you Blizzard for admitting defeat like a big boy :). That’s it for me and make sure you comment for your THREE MEDALS.

-Kingfunks4, Ek ACP Commander Generals

14 Responses

  1. I was there and lead with my accumulative, Funks.

  2. I am so mad because I couldn’t get on because Cp screwed me because Cp wouldn’t load then xat was having problems

  3. Couldn’t come. My bus got into an accident D:<

  4. I came 😀

  5. If that battle was going on from 2:30 to 2:50 CST (and my Special Ed teacher would’ve let me have free time on the computers (my Special Ed class has a mobile lab of Apple computers from 2:15 to 2:47 CST every Friday)), I would’ve made it.

  6. I totally forgot about it, I was eating lunch at that time. Sorry!


  8. I was there! Bit boring but a good recruiting I would say

  9. I camez. I saw.

  10. yea i was there i have 15 medals now… were kinda like playground bullies if its 20 ahainst 7

  11. Anyone think this is getting too easy?

  12. I came 🙂

  13. I came

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