Why do we use the Clover?

Hai ACP,

Ah, the clover! Anyone in CP Armies that looks at the clover straight away thinks “ACP” but why did we choose the clover in the first place? In this post I will look into why we choose the clover and not another emote to symbolize the ACP!

Well, firstly Oagalthorp, our amazing creator, had to choose a colour for the army (Of course after choosing a name). Why did he choose Green? Well, one of the main reasons he choose green was because green is in the top 3 most liked colours. I would also guess that Oagal liked green himself so it would give him an instant liking to the army. Green was suitable to the “Save CP” theme we were going for because Green = Saving the Earth. So now, after making the site and such, we need to decide on what our symbol should be.

So what emotes are coloured green? Only the Sick Emote (E+8) and Clover Emote (E+L) were green emotes. Of course, the Clover emote is the more economic emote and it’s also more symbolic than having sick as our symbol, who would want to know the ACP as the army shown by sick? So that means we choose the Clover as our symbol.

The picture above was during Boomer’s leadership and it shows how epic the clover is. But what else could have symbolized the ACP? Here’s a list of what I think we could have used:

This emote shows us in war and playing games, as we play games with our opponents – usually on easy mode.  Not the best  choice because it isn’t very symbolic.

 This emote would be good because it shows our sudden spring of ideas and we are so smart in our war choices. This is not good however because it hardly has anything related to the Army of CP.

 This emote would be good because it’s the armies colour, green and it is easily found in the smiley pop-up part. However, who wants to be symbolized as an army by sick? Not me but it is used a lot in wars.

But the ACP probably wouldn’t be the same without the classic clover. It’s in a lot of ACP soldiers XAT names and it’s all they talk about the Irish clover.  What do some of our ACP soldiers think about the clover?

Q: What do you think is good or bad about the ACP clover?

Spence: It show’s our colour and it’s lucky for us.

Coco3872: It’s green like us and it’s Irish

Kingfunks4: It’s very symbolic and it is easy to know what army your seeing when you see a clover

Sorry for adding myself to those quotes but the chat was very quiet during UK hours! :). Sorry if this post is a tad short but there isn’t much else to talk about apart from how amazing the ACP clover is. What do you think about our treasured symbol.

-Kingfunks4 ACP Commander General [3ic]

17 Responses

  1. First, booyah! 😀

  2. Mchappy loses again! 😀

  3. 1st

  4. 6th!
    I know not a big deal.
    Good post funks. Hail Ogalthorp! and Hail the Clover!

  5. 7th Goo Post I didn’t say Goo on purpose I’m just having a Gooey we today and I’m eating Cream Eggs aswell. Have you seen the black dragon?I ‘ts massive

  6. *Week

  7. Because clovers are green and ACP is a green army.

  8. Clovers are goodluck and clovers are green like ACP

  9. We use clovers because ACP is green, and clovers are green.

  10. That sick emote could also mean like were sick of the other army or something like that.

  11. Yeah but would anyone think that

  12. I say we be a leaf…

  13. First time this has ever been posted on. Nice work!

  14. the clover shows our true colors. shows our enemies, allies, and neutrals that it might stand for luck, but in the greatest army on the internet, lucks got nothing to do with it. ACP ACP ACP ACP ACP

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