Ice Palace is a No-Go

ACP raiding SWAT [Slushy] at 8:30 PM CST.

Hai dere, ACP!

This morning (for me) was the invasion of Ice Palace.  I woke up as early as I can, after watching The Thing, and I get online knowing we had an invasion.  With my invisible power when I get on chat it doesn’t show I’m online, and the first thing I see was that many people were outraged.  Reacting I asked what was going on and apparently the battle was already over with.  Instantly I went onto ACP site and I noticed Kenneth1000 did the times wrong.  Happens to the best of us, bud.

I tried talking to Blizzard, one of SWAT‘s many owners, and asked if we could get on for about thirty minutes and just have a battle on Ice Palace.  Blizzard asked his other owners and they all quickly denied.  Therefore we were unable to capture Ice Palace successfully.  I’m proud of ACP being able to coup with no leaders though.  That’s amazing!  If you made this event you will be given FOUR MEDALS for your amazing effort to fight SWAT with no leaders.

➡ The pictures you see here were taken by Foldez, a Lieutenant General, who will be receiving an extra medal

We’re not mean, psh!

I see a gap in the line. o;<


Cloverism is coming to get you.

Cakes for Gary?

We apologize to SWAT for the mistake in our times.  From not being at the event, it looks like to me that ACP beat SWAT in these pictures.  I don’t know what happened though so I can’t make a call on that.  EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE AT THE OUTBACK INVASION TODAY.  We’ve been invading like heck.  Clovers forever!

Sephiroth: Did you give him my message?

Let the marching begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Head General

47 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:

  2. 2nd,Booyah!

  3. yeah i came as you can already see, but we did good according to the situation [ yeah its big words time]

  4. Everyone knows Iceycold likes anime reply if u agree

    • Kingdom Hearts isn’t an anime because it’s a game actually. All games are in animation, but it’s not anime. c:

      Definition, Japanese movie and television animation, often having a science fiction theme and sometimes including violence.

  5. Anyways wht happened to kingfunks?

  6. Why did Foldez get medals for taking pictures when I work my butt off and take pictures all the time and never get any medals? 😦

  7. made it… i tried my best cuz chat wasnt working for me, but my platoon of like 10 guys was working good. im up to 19 medals now… i will try my best to make it to outback man but ive been mad busy lateley starting MMA in a few weeks

  8. I came

  9. I was there. Funbob got people on while I was busy, and by the time I came back to lead (I was the highest rank on) people were making a nice line. I kept things vaguely under control, with a gap when I had lunch in between, until Obi and Emp came and owned 😛

  10. I CAME

  11. Smexeh to see troops handle without leaders. Silly Ken though we all forgive you =D

  12. Came. Obi and I lead, with the help of other mods, too. I had to go halfway through :/

  13. I want the old ACP back.

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