Let’s take it OUT in the BACK, SWAT.

Hai ACP,

Sorry for the fact that the results post was a day late, but I thought slider was going to post the results :). Again, SWAT’s logic for victory is stupid because we clearly dominated this battle. Even with 5 – 10 people locked out we covered all their tactics with Joke bombs and clovers. Our tactics were good at this event and you should all be proud because we now own SWAT’s former capital server, Outback!

SWAT said that us logging in 30 minutes before the battle was “cheap” or “stupid” but they logged in at the same time as us so they can’t speak about that. We also have inside information that a lot of SWAT soldiers and owners  admitted that we were winning throughout the battle. I was very proud of our size again, as we averaged 40+ and performed great tactics. Our chat size was also good as we had about 45 – 50 on the chat. Here are the pictures of the event, lead by Flipper, Slider and Myself:


*Since there are a lot of pictures for the Pre-Battle I put the best ones in normal size and the others in smaller sizes, click to enlarge the smaller ones.

This looks like it’s during the battle, AMAZING war faces


We completed that circle, great tactics there.

The SWAT are destroyed by our Joke Bomb! 

We Re-Group, and a good Ice-Cream Emote to match.


Well done for victory again, ACP and SWAT are finding reasons that don’t exist for their victory again. Our tactics were great and our size was good! Since we averaged 40+ we promised you would get FOUR MEDALS for your efforts during this battle. This started at 7:30 UK and ended at 8:30 UK. An hours hard work and we had some fun after the battle, by going to the sled hill and racing! Remember if you got Temp Mod you get an EXTRA MEDAL and if I said you should get Temp Owner you get an EXTRA TWO MEDALS. I can’t really remember who those people were right now! 🙂

Thanks for coming and remember we have many more battles again SWAT to come. Comment if you came!

-Kingfunks4 ACP Commander General [3ic]

21 Responses

  1. Haha, mch is beaten again.

  2. The forces have defeated him!

  3. I was there

  4. I also took like 8 diff. pictures but forgot to give them to you 😦

  5. Came, but left half way. Great job guys

  6. Seeing as it was our invasion it’s our job to run around the server claiming rooms (while not retreating if in the same room as the enemy.) Obviously SWAT did a horrible job at defending.

  7. winning… i was there… my team took the forts when SWAT said to retreat there

  8. Cool, six medals in one battle? Do I still get temp owner.

  9. i came 🙂 4 meds for meh 😀

  10. I was there to help own SWAT!!!!!

  11. I was there!

  12. i came

  13. i was there all the way

  14. acp please come to breeze help

  15. come on we need back up breeze!

  16. help please s.o.s breeze please!!!

  17. Made it btw I got a pic of them saying they TIED LOL. http://prntscr.com/95xiz

  18. I came

  19. Good job whoever came.

  20. I came BUT someone thought i was a spy and they banned me on chat.

  21. I was there.

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