…the butthurt award.

Thanks to Coff for this picture

Hey ACP!

Today was the defence of our most important server in our nation, our capital, the leader’s base, where the senate is hosted, where Boomer’s memorial lies, it can only be Breeze. We logged on around 30 minutes early to the official start and for the whole 50 minutes we owned some SWAT butt. SWAT for most of the battle kept alternating between the Snow Forts and the Dock, and kept running away whenever we got close. They finished on Breeze in the Cove, before logging off to go on TUXEDO. Yeah, exactly. Tuxedo. I think SWAT are claiming victory because “we spied?” and that was against their little set of rules we didn’t agree to, in reality they are just butthurt they couldn’t beat us and averaged 15.

  • Size [8/10]: We averaged around 35 for this battle, it wasn’t our best but still a pretty good job. A bit of our size was from rogues which made tactics harder to make look good, but we still impressed and annihilated SWAT. They even asked ST for help!
  • Tactics [7/10]: Our tactics were meh, but what was the biggest problem was the fact that most of the owners were trying to lead which made making orders so hard. There was also a lot of side conversation in chat which meant orders were quickly covered up, and our lines were very messy. It seems like a tactics session is due!
  • Chat [7.5/10]: Our chat size was alright, I didn’t really check on it and all I know is that it was bigger than SWAT’s and as there was a lot of conversation on our chat, it must of been quite big! In association with the previous point, our chat needs to be more organised for future events.

In the town, you can see there are a lot of rogues as our circle is kind of disorganised.

Into a kind of slanted Z, our size is much better than SWAT’s and we do Puffles in our line.

Still in the Dock, it’s an epic Flower Bomb against the flaky remains of SWAT’s line.

Another bomb, this one probably better as we show our dissatisfaction at the lack of effort from SWAT.

After SWAT retreat to the Snow Forts (for the 50th time) we bomb them with “Y SO SMALL”

It’s the 2nd thing they’ve won today!


Proof of SWAT needing help because we are just too good for them.

Today was an average event for our performance, but a fairly easy event for us as SWAT didn’t make it difficult in anyway at all. Kenneth1000 and I manly lead the battle, but with snippets of orders from Kingfunks4 and Icey Cold27 rounded off our defence of Breeze. This event was worth 5 medals because of it’s importance, so if you made it they are all up for grabs! Today was successful for some reasons and unsuccessful for others, comment on your thoughts on today’s event!

Icey Cold27: Great job today, everyone!  I was glad I was able to give off a few orders.  I just wanted to add in my pictures.  Funny how SWAT thinks they won when they retreated the whole time, we would always find them, and then they would retreat.  They did close to nothing with their size of around twenty soldiers.  This was a clear victory for the ACP.  I also want to point out, how would SWAT be able to gather pictures of “ACP soldiers” saying that they are spying on SWAT?  They must have been on ACP chat meaning they spied too.  You may call this the blame game, but I’m just trying to give out common sense.  Plus I don’t care if they spied.  I’ll catch ’em next time.

We’re sick of them retreating.

Give them the wrath of the lick!

I would also like to give out some pictures that, in my opinion, may destroy Ganger‘s argument.  Ganger says that Coff made up, or faked, the picture of him asking for help.  I think Ganger is may not be telling the whole truth.  Why, you may ask?

Ganger saying he never uses allies.

Ganger using allies.

Is that enough proof? (I’m honestly not sure.) Ganger uses his high power in SWAT to help out GT, who are dwindling sadly.  Ganger is a great guy and he is a good leader.  I’ve been a solider under him before; a long, long time ago.  I just wish he could actually keep a straight lie for once.  Again, great job today everyone.  We will be keeping Breeze, obviously.

 Flipper7706 and Kenneth100

[Some Icey Cold27 too]

29 Responses

  1. i came annddd i dont think …

  2. I came!

  3. I was there!

  4. Firstness

  5. We did well today guys, job well done!

  6. Came. SWAT rage in top pic.

  7. lulz. Made it and did a few tactics 😛

  8. I never said that. I swear, somebody must have been impersonating me, because I swear to god I never said that.

  9. You guys are framing Ganger for something he didn’t do. In that picture it shows “Ganger” telling GT to help them. In the previous picture you see Ganger’s name like this: PƦЄƧIƊЄƝƬ.Gaηgєяףθ[Sωaт.Leader][Gт.Leader]

    in the fake picture it shows Ganger’s name like PƦЄƧIƊЄƝƬ.Gaηgєяףθ

    Someone impersonated him, idiots.

    • It was also an owner rank meaning you will have to severely punish or possibly fire one of your owners due to getting SWAT in le shiz.

    • The PƦЄƧIƊЄƝƬ.Gaηgєяףθ was about two days ago. It also shows that Ganger is an owner on SWAT chat, so that is obviously him. Unless you’re telling me that a SWAT owner likes to impersonate Ganger on a daily basis.

  10. I made it

  11. I CAME

  12. Swat if your fine with losing all your servers because you just want to ignore us, that’s fine.

  13. yea they had to rettreat to another server… not even the pathedic LT did that

  14. I came

  15. SWAT would be dumb to think it’s a good idea to get everyone to ignore ACP’s existence. Likewise, you, ACP, would be dumb to get everyone to ignore SWAT.

  16. i was there xD 4 more medals!!!!

  17. I came dere

  18. i came 😀

  19. me there

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