Half Pipe: Victory [Battle 11]

Hai dere, ACP!

This battle wasn’t as intense as I thought it would be.  The beginning though was pretty intense.  SWAT appeared to be bigger than us for a while, but (as we always do) we pulled through.  We have a lot of pictures this time.  I know it as my fault about not having so many pictures on my last post, but I updated it with a couple more.  Half Pipe (SWAT‘s portion) is now in our possession.  If you came to this event please comment for your 4 MEDALS for this victory.

Before we get into the pictures I just want to address the fact that SWAT [a] didn’t follow us around the server (yes, we retreated once) [b] logged off about 15 to 20 minutes into the battle.  We retreated to the Cove, where we ran into DCP (I’m guessing this was planned.  Ekpenguin09 ordered the moving.)  This brings me to my next point, ironically.  SWAT decided to log off because they said we were using allies.  I’ll be the first to admit, I told DCP that LT (both DCP and LT are in a war with each other) that they were helping SWAT.  Extra practice for DCP?  Anyway, LT was helping SWAT and we do have proof.






@Ganger90, saying Reece was saying that for a different battle.

I thought this was SWAT.

LT going to help SWAT.

Ganger was begging?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Another common sense win by us.  I hate to be so blunt and rude to anyone, or anything, but let’s all take a chill pill.  ACP has won a majority of the battles and we will hopefully continue on doing so.  Good sizes today ACP and SWAT.  ACP pulled through for another victory.  This was an actually pretty calm battle.  We got a lot of great tactics in and had some fun with DCP once SWAT logged off.  If you got any more pictures I’ll add them to the post.

Seifer: Come on. Quit playing around and fight!

Let the marching begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Head General

34 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:

  2. First?

  3. That picture of LT “helping us” may be, but did you see any LT on CP?

  4. Plus, only two troops in LT are also in SWAT.

  5. @Mch, Ganger does whatever he can to make his armies seem big. He merges troops from one to another -.-

  6. I’m kind of temporarily retired so don’t rage at me, but I would like to ask why ACP have been small in the last few events..”

  7. Came. Great job ACP. SWAT’s loss if they didn’t defend

  8. lol you know LT isn’t helping SWAT when theres no picture of ME saying it.

  9. there

  10. That battle was not what I was expecting

  11. It’s so cool how in the picture on where we are saying “TOGETHER WE STAND” most of us are waving the same time!!!

  12. Return of the Black Alliance much? You guys use alliances because you cannot beat ACP on your own, you do whatever you can to make sure you have the satisfaction of winning, though you never succeed.

  13. i came

  14. Yumyum, juicy SWAT pics your getting dere, ACP!

  15. I was there 😀

  16. Sorry I couldn’t make it. My afternoon was busy.

  17. Why did you circle Reece in the third picture?

  18. I came but only for the last 5 minutes, so I gave myself 1 medal instead of 4.

  19. yea dude made it 41 medals… im waiting for LT to come and fight us with SWAT… teyll be so weak we wont even need DCP and besides, i dont really care if we win or lose, i just want a big huge intense battle where everything is even and on the line

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