Haider ACP!

Today I’ve got a few things to talk about, we have some ACPTR news and potential updates, a little recap of our events this week, and a some things we might need to improve on. Right now SWAT also think they own Mammoth, Outback, and our capital Breeze but we beat them fair and square each time and theres no use in arguing because I think they know it’s true too, and many other armies think so too. 😉 But even though we’ve been having the a hard time with SWAT and their arguing today they finally truly admitted defeat at the battle of Windchill. It’s hard to take their rules as serious as we would if they didn’t break them too. Well thats enough of that, onto the rest of the post…

1.) ACPTR News/Updates

Firstly if you haven’t joined ACPTR already you’re running out of time to join, like each month the time to join is limited and if you want to join you won’t be able to after the 15th of May. We’re also going to be doing some page updating since they haven’t been kept up to date. We might also some new graphics for the website and chat it seems like it’s time for a change. The ACPTR staff also request that you put ACPTR somewhere in your name if you’re a staff member, cadet, or if you have anything to do with ACPTR so we know who you are.

2.) ACP Week Review

Overall we did very well and successfully defended Mammoth and Breeze and gained Outback and Wind Chill to add to the ACP nation with the other servers that our United Kingdom forces invaded from SWAT, no matter what they say it’s obvious that we won and the Nachos also agree. We’ve also won our 11th battle against SWAT today on Half Pipe, in which SWAT used allies so even they broke their “special rules” 😆 The biggest problem I noticed is that we have don’t have too many people who wear the ACP uniform, most people wear mixed matched items that have no comparison with our regular items, members should at least have the red viking helmet since it’s always available. Theres also been some problems with clumping and the forming of gaps, as always. Just try to avoid clumping, if you see that you’re clumping move over to a gap and don’t be too spread out.

The problem thats stands off the most goes with that picture of Meelo 😆 we’ve been having some problem idle soldiers and a lot of them during battles, not just the normal amount you’d expect. You need to pay attention through the entire battle, try not to get into conversations and PCs just keep your attention on the leaders. I know that many of you leave because you get bored, but these battles like any events are very important and we need everyone wide awake. A little trick I’ve picked up to keep things interesting is to listen to music you like during battles, so next time we have an event try that, it can make things much more interesting and keep you awake. 😉

Well thats all today, hope you enjoyed my post!

23 Responses

  1. Uhhhhhmmm Okay?

  2. Good tip on that. Being idle is, well, like, sleeping during school. When you sleep during school, you don’t pay attention. When you don’t pay attention, you miss your instructions. Just like in CP armies. If you don’t pay attention on Chat, you don’t follow the leader’s (or teacher’s, if you’re in school) instructions. Remember that tomorrow when you’re in school, or during a battle. TRY not to be idle. It is VERY important. In school, AND in CP armies!

  3. I understand as a leader having idle people is just so frustrating. However, I can see it from the soldier’s perspective too. We’re on a computer, probably the greatest invention known to mankind. We can surf the web and do almost anything and there are so many things to do….argh it’s too bad we can’t really multitask effectively.

    Mako is hot.

  4. I’d join ACPTR if I could. But I’m to high ranking D:


  6. Pabu dominates

  7. BE THE LEAF!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This is annoying, what if someone hates Kora. Really, stop doing this, its annoying.

  9. Mammoth and Breeze are legendary servers. Just to make sure they don’t claim it we should invade them with full force. Like Oagal fought for Breeze and Mammoth.

    • Good idea, maybe we’ll hold a cleansing of a few of our servers soon or after we finish with the war.

  10. Bolin is tempting me.

  11. i joined

  12. nice post annnd i finaly got to watch the 1st korra ep WOW its really good !!1

  13. Kora sucks

  14. i hate kora

  15. latley ive been mad busy, so i only come to these events if im called in

  16. Shoop da Whoop. 😛

  17. Too much Korra it is in every post

  18. I’ll be at ice palace

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