The ACP Olympics!

Hey guys! Asdfghjkl888 here!

I’ve recently gotten permission from both Kenneth and Flipper to hold an army-wide event of fun.

The ACP Olympics will not be taking place during the war. However, when the war ends, sign ups will begin.

So, this is just a preview and an important fundraiser for the Olympic Games. I’ll just start off by listing some of the events, and then we’ll get into their descriptions and stuff below.

  • Mancala Tournament
  • Find Four Tournament
  • Sled Racing Tournament
  • “Who Can get the Highest Score on Cart Surfer”
  • Soccer/Football/Hockey Tournament
  • Hide ‘n’ Seek Tournament
  • Club Penguin Challenges
  • Knowledge Competition
  • ACP Knowledge Tournament

So, some of those can be self explanatory… However, some are not. I’ll list them below.

Hide ‘N’ Seek Tournament: The rules shall be standard, and [Asd] shall host them due to his extensive knowledge on the game. There shall be several rounds given, and whoever wins the most will become the Champion.

Club Penguin Challenges- Someone shall say a clue, and it is up to you to find something or go there to meet the person who is hosting the event. Whoever gets the most wins will become the Champion!

Knowledge Competition- Do you know what continent has only one country? You’ll be asked questions on everything in the real world. The smartest will become the Champion!

ACP Knowledge Tournament- You really think you know a lot about ACP? We’ll have someone test your knowledge about the history of the Army of Club Penguin, famous quotes and leaders along with epic battles and rivals.

I think it’s basic knowledge there… So, yeah.


In order for people to join, we’re going to need a prize for the champion! So, I’ll be hosting some fundraisers to help raise some xats for the Champions. Remember, if you’re interested in competing, tell your friends to donate! If you don’t, you might get just 5 xats… not fun.

My Signature Style Plates: At the end of every post, you might want a fancy way to say your name. Maybe it’s like some of these…

Or maybe…

Don’t like that? What about this one!

Have you thought about this?

Here’s a good one! Ooh lava!

Yeah! I think they’re great…

Heck, they’re only 10 xats a piece! 

I can even change the color and everything! Just tell me what you like in the comments, and I can try to make it for you!

REMEMBER: Buying these will raise the prize amount in the Olympic Championships! If you win, GUESS WHO WINS THE BIG KOBBINGO? Encourage your friends to buy these. The better profit we get from the fundraising, the better the prize is for the Champion [which might just be YOU!]

This has just been a post by

I’m Asd, and I approve this post

*To Order: Comment in the Comments or find me on chat. We can talk about specifics. I’m working on some that we can use for animated and for chat pics. 🙂 However, please state which type of design and colors you want from the examples above. I can do almost any color! Just state the word and the colors I used in it.

  • Start off- 250 xats
  • Splashy- 26 xats [Donation! Sweet!](26 xats)
  • Chris/Smsm3 [Purchase + Donation!](30 xats)(4 xats)
  • Stew20 [Purchase + Donation! Sweet!] (10 xats)(190 xats)

26 Responses

  1. Not a bad idea at all, I shotgun win knowledge competition 😛

  2. first 😛

  3. Pretty sweet idea. I look forward to it 😛

  4. 2nd

  5. nice idea asd .
    mario = boff (wary)….

  6. Sounds like a good idea

  7. I think im gonna be good at ACP Knowledge and Overall knowledge.

  8. cool lets do it

  9. I’d like to buy one, Asd! I’ll even buy it for thirteen xats, if you don’t mind.

  10. I’m not good at knowledge. 😦 but I could be good at a hockey tournament! 🙂

  11. WHACKA WHACKA WHACKAAAA! If I could I can give asd 10-5 xats….erm…only when I have dem login problems I will trade.

  12. I’m going to do it. I think I’ll do good in the hide and seek, and the sports tournament. I doubt I’ll win those!

  13. i good at cart surfer and sled raceing

  14. ill win sled racing hiding and seek and the acp knoledge

  15. Hey, we could also try a Transformice event!

  16. I’d like to order the first 4 signatures.

  17. MEEEE OH ME ME ME ME -wary-

  18. I wanna do it 😀

  19. Can I please order the first one saying ‘Envirodude1’ I’ll meet you on chat

  20. Can it be dark blue like you have, but with a light blue glow around. I might be able to make my own

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