-7 minute win?

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Ok, we didn’t do amazing at this event compared to the event one hour before that but SWAT admitted defeat 7 minutes before the battle started. We averaged 10 at this event but our tactics were good. This event was led by myself, but when my internet shut down I was locked out of the full server so Slime and Foldez led the rest of the 10 minute event. For their efforts they got an extra two medals.

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SWAT admit defeat… No I’m not joking

Yes, you read the title correctly the SWAT admitted defeat in a battle! We had about 15+ on CP with decent tactics while the SWAT had about five for the first 3 minutes. Yes, SWAT were only on to defend their server for three minutes. The only issue for this event was our tactics, we had about 5 – 7 rouges so our tactics were not amazing but when we went to the berg our tactics were good again. 

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