Rainbows Gone Bad [Battle #15]

Hai dere, ACP!

I an already tell that this is going to be another controversial battle.  I guess both armies just have great loyalty and won’t ever surrender until they win the fight.  As I’m an ACP owner, I think ACP did well.  SWAT did pretty good too, but once again, ACP was just a little bit better.  SWAT were smaller than us throughout the whole battle (even though their Snow Forts line looked better), and ACP is cooler so yeah.  We were extremely close to thirty in some pictures.  We were around the 27ish mark.  Our tactics needed a lot of improving though; please listen to orders guys.  Comment if you came to the invasion of Rainbow for your THREE MEDALS that will go towards promotions!

Here’s the part of the post where I list reasons why we won.  Basically there is only three key aspects.  [1] SWAT retreated from the Town to the Snow Forts [2] SWAT logged off at :30, when an enemy army was still performing tactics [3] ACP was bigger throughout the whole battle practically.  I was also pretty ashamed that SWAT tried to set up pictures making it look like we were surrendering or cheating in anyway.  Some SWAT spy turned their name to “Obiwan4321” who is a moderator.  Overall we did pretty good guys.  Just need to work on those sizes and tactics.











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Today we had a pretty good day, maxing around 30 on CP, while SWAT maxing about 25. We did really good for not having our UK force (besides Mariosatr). Oh, and by the way, yeah we won. We now own the server Rainbow and have successfully taken it from SWAT.  We’re pretty classy.

Auron: No wonder no one wants to die.

Let the marching begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Head General

ACP Chat Dies But The ACP’s Abillity To Fight Doesn’t

Haii ACP,

We won Ice Palace today. So today started out like any other day. Well kinda.  As always I had spies on SWAT chat and when one of them told me their chat was down, I decided to take the opportunity to log on and gain foothold of the Town. That went pretty well. Then as the time neared the battle, our chat also broke down. OMFG right? Anyways Flipper had the good idea to lead on CP so we both just lead on CP doing stuff and counting down like “won, too, tree”, since the Club Penguin filters don’t allow numbers cause apparently kids share their numbers online or something. That worked pretty well.

The SWAT couldn’t handle not being on a chat to lead since well they aren’t ACP (The ACP can do anything). So the SWAT logged off. That made things easier for us. I do not have many pictures but I am sure Purple Slime and Flipper got some. Unfortunately cause of the faulty chat we could not reach our goal however you guys did do very well listening and paying attention to things happening on Club Penguin.

The ACP won since the SWAT failed to show. Your chat being screwed up is not an excuse for canceling a battle during a war. Maybe for a tournament to be fair, but not a war.  Thanks to everyone that came! Comment here for your pictures!

~Kenneth1000 & Flipper7706

Life Is a Breeze

You Got That Right

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