“Devils and Dust”

Hello ACP!

Summer is approaching which means we’re going to start doing more unscheduled events, and more scheduled recruiting sessions and thats just what this post is kicking off. This Saturday and Sunday we’ll be having some scheduled recruiting sessions, and since I’m away the best I can do is make the times for them. Our war with the Nachos has also ended in a less dramatic way than we thought it would, Tanman jumped in to save the Nachos from being attacked by ACP and SWAT, they came to our demands taking all our servers they claimed to own off their nation page.

1.) Weekend Recruiting Sessions

Recruiting Session #1

>>> RESULTS <<<


Recruiting Session #2

>>> RESULTS <<<

2.) Wars Over? Whats Next?

ACP got serious.

Tanman is in my view one of the Nachos greatest leaders, hes saved them from a lot of stupid decisions leaders after him have made and hes just a good friend as well. He spoke for the Nachos and they’ve agreed to a peace agreement, they’ve come to our demands and took all the servers that we own off their nation page and apologized for the stupid action they made. Since ACP isn’t really an ally with SWAT and we never worked together in the first place we’re not going to become allies, I know a lot of you were sick even about the thought of us becoming allies and we have no plans to do so, we’ll probably just be neutral unless they provoke another war, in that case you know what happens next.

Now whats next after this? Well Asd has been dying to make his Olympics and just couldn’t hold in his excitement, so we’re letting him do that, but that doesn’t rule out other things we could do in June. I’m not yet sure if CPAC is going to be hosting a tournament (but they’re not that exciting now anyways), we’re sure to be doing a lot of recruiting and maybe some training here and there but what else could we maybe expect for June, other than Slider’s birthday 😆 Well hopefully if not this month, during the summer we’ll be having a chat rally just to have some fun, play some games, and maybe have some giveaways. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, so if you have any good ideas on what we should do (original would be best) then make a comment telling us about it and how it could work!

3.) Senate Meeting Rescheduled/Sign Ups Soon!

Big topic here. It seems the times for the Senate meeting turned out to be bad for not just the Senators but my timing was off and I was late too! I’m really sorry that it didn’t work out, but we’ll be having the meeting on June 2nd which is a Saturday instead. This should hopefully be much more convenient. I also want to announce that the Senate sign ups for June will be starting on June 15th, which is the official halfway mark of June and this time we’ll be doing it a bit differently so we’ll defiantly be able to let everyone vote for the Senators this time. As well as this I also looked at the polls and both ideas were passed, so starting when the new Senators are chosen we’ll be having 2 Senate meetings a month and we’ll be choosing Senators only for the ranks of Captain – General, even though this prevents the lower ranks from being about to join the Senate it’ll make it easier to pass bills because we’ll have soldiers with more experience in the Senate and we won’t have such a huge number of Senators either. Below are the times for the Senate meeting June 2nd…

Senate Meeting May – Resched

Saturday June 2nd 2012

Where: xat.com/senatemeetingroom

2:00 PM Eastern

1:00 PM Central

12:00 PM Mountain

11:00 PM Pacific

7:00 PM Europe

4.) Memorial Day

Since I won’t be able to wish everyone a happy Memorial day, on Memorial day this is the best I can do. Give thanks to the veterans in your community and remember the soldiers who died and weren’t so lucky to get home. People from other countries might not take the United State’s memorial day as seriously the Americans would but just remember, we’re all human. This weekend no matter where you’re from, just remember those soldiers who died from your country. Every war comes with a price in real life, and every time a war ends it comes with a price, which is thousands, hundred thousands of lives lost. But on a happier note, have a nice day off American soldiers, I’ll sure be liv’in it up. :mrgreen:

“We got god on our side, we’re just trying to survive”

20 Responses

  1. Dammit Slider I was gonna do a post

  2. 1st Oh yeah

  3. 3rd and my birthday is in june

  4. well heres the thing. my only business in ACP is war and battles. if there is no war to fight, and their is no enemy to hold off, then i guess im not needed here. ill still be around ya know competing in the olympics and going oiut for senator, but other than that, my busy life requires me to be other places, and unfortunatley i can only fight for you guys when im called in. so good luck ACP ill still be around, but just not as much.

  5. My birthday is also in June like Pengy over there! 🙂 Ok then I’m not a senator anymore but it was quite a good idea though so I’m not that sad! 🙂

  6. I can make both recruiting. About time with some events 😮

  7. I think sometimes Bolin talks to much

  8. Memorial Weekend!(:

  9. I might make it. Will be a close call

  10. I might make it. However, SWAT has a battle at the same time on Saturday, so I might have to pass the recruiting session up. Sorry.

  11. I doubt I could make the UK ones around 8pm BST.

  12. I can’t make it today cause I have a tournament at 3 and 5. And I can’t make it tomorrow because I have to go to a memorial day barbecue. I also have a tournament at 2 and I have to rush to get to the barbecue. Sorry!

  13. I’ll be at both 😀

  14. i can make both but if something comes i wont

  15. I can’t make today’s recruiting Session since I will be at a friend’s house (and he doesn’t really want me to attend any ACP events while I’m there). I can make Sunday’s unless I am riding my bike/ having company.

  16. Hey, I’m in this post! :mrgreen:

  17. No I’m not coming.

  18. i can make it

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