Recruiting Session #1: Breeze

Hai dere, ACP!

Isn’t it such a beautiful day?  Especially on CP during this event.  We did so well and I even think we might have broken forty at some points of the session.  Regardless of that I’m excited to see how many recruits we may have gained.  I know we all tried our hardest this session, almost all of our orders were phrases.  Surely we all got our typing workout for the day.  Even PR‘s creator, or something, joined in on our little fun.  If you came to this breezy event then please comment for your FOUR MEDALS that will go towards promotions when they come!

Kingfunks logged us in about ten minutes to the scheduled time.  All of the owners wanted to make sure that this would be an amazing first part of our recruiting, so after my chores with two minutes until the recruiting, I started to private chat a lot of my CP buddies.  I will openly admit that we had a calm and slow start, but thankfully it progressed into some great sizes.  As the event went on both Ekpenguin9 and myself gave out orders.  I wasn’t paying so closely attention to our exact size throughout the whole thing but I would say we maxed at around thirty-five or a bit higher.  Our chat even showed our size.  The biggest our chat got to was forty-one but for some reason on the popular list it showed us much lower.  Yet again, most of the members were not registered quite fully yet.


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I noticed how we had only six moderators at this event.  If you are a moderator remember that you’re expected to come to more events than a member does.  Being a moderator is work, indeed, but if your work pays off you’ll reach higher and better things.  Some of our tactics were really phenomenal; yet again, we could still work a little bit more on our tactics.  No biggie!  The harder you work for something the better it feels when you have finally accomplished it.  I’m in such a good mood today, aren’t I.

Axel: It’s kind of… funny. You make me feel the same…

Let the marching begin.

~Icey Cold27 ♣ ACP Head General

27 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:

  2. I made it and it seems my Javascript has screwed up. That could explain a lot D:

  3. Meh, missed it

  4. 4th!

  5. Again beat by MH

  6. I Came…….And yes, my name IS Simply Leave. And we did a good job too! 😀

    • Oh and I’m not in the pic with chat, cuz i only came on towards the end where we were at the town and then moved to the Iceberg

  7. came

  8. I CAME

  9. Sorry, I was not able to come; I was busy today.

  10. I made it.

  11. Sorry I wasn’t there, I was meditating, and things like Club Penguin armies send a very bad vibe sometimes, and I didn’t want to risk it.

  12. i only came cuz slide told me too. i dislike recruits

  13. 17th! Camp the duty of an ACP soldier is to recruit,train,have wars & battles and lastly having fun. You’re basically just having wars and fun, not doing the things to be a succesful army (we are succesful already but we do need to train and stuff) We shall be bigger and stronger! Let the marching begin. (Stole that from Icey hehe)

  14. Made it! Icey added me :]

  15. I’m so sorry that I couldn’t come! I couldn’t come because I was at a tournament and the games were 3:00-4:00 and 5:00-6:00 so I couldn’t make it. I’m sorry!

  16. I managed to get there.

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