Any Questions: Just Email!

Hello ACP,

I couldn’t think about what to post about and I found out how to make myself an email with the @ArmyofCP part after my name. It may have next to it but I made a silly little phrase out of that :). In fact, I do specialize in European questions and will not be able to answer many questions on the American side of the ACP. But questions as a whole can be answered by just emailing that email. Remember, don’t add the bit in red just the “”. I will talk through what you can and cannot do with emailing this email 😉

With this email I will answer any sensible questions you have about the ACP. This email will be checked everyday so your question will be answered within 24 hours. Unlike past email system this will always be checked every possible day. If I go on holiday you will be notified and any questions will not be answered in that period. The following questions will be expected and answered:

  • What do I do in the Army of CP?
  • How do I use the chat and what is it?
  • What sort of tactics are there; what are they?
  • What do I do in a battle?
  • Are there any events coming up?
  • I want to join; what rank would I probably get?
  • I want to be a moderator! How do I get it?

Those are the sort of questions a new person joining the ACP would ask and I will happily answer those questions, I will also answer some questions from moderators and high members like the following:

  • Are the promotions going to be on time?
  • Any news on the owner ranks in the army? (High Mods Only)
  • Are there any plans for going to war yet? (Mods Only)
  • Do you think I will get a promotion this month?
  • Do you think I will get hand picked mod this month?
  • What are any of your future posts going to be about?
  • Can you post about _____________ ? 

You can also ask random questions like “What is your favourite meal?” or “What did you have for dinner” if you wanted to but those questions are for your help in the ACP. However, some questions will be ignored. Here are some examples of this:

  • Why are you an idiot?
  • Why are the ACP troops noobs?
  • I deserve your rank, why are you rubbish?
  • Can I join our enemies?
  • Why aren’t you overthrowing the leaders?

*Any rude comments with swear words will be ignored. Offensive comments in general will also be ignored

Those comments are just mean, but I would also like to note that abuse of the system will result in punishments and a loss of any rank you may have. We do not allow it on the chat or site so this email system will not be abused by spam or continuous offensive comments. I am willing to listen to any questions you may have about the ACP. I hope this system helps avoid confusion. I will also respond to any people who have not been ranked or any things not updated on the ACP site emailed to me. Thanks for reading :mrgreen:

-Kingfunks4 ACP Commander General

11 Responses

  1. Beat you Mch :mrgreen: Haha

  2. Cool story, brah.


  4. somebody needs to re read and re phrase some of this …

  5. yea

  6. Cool. Glad there’ll be a help center. 😀

  7. cool post funks

  8. Funks: The help guy

  9. Make sure to spam his email 😆 Neat idea, Funks 😀

  10. Why won’t Kingfunks4 Make me Head Reporter or Head Philosopher or Secondary Head on CPAC?

  11. Ima email Funks and ask him what he’d do for a Klondike bar. I’m ashamed what I’d do for one.

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