Good Evening Breeze

Hai ACP,

We had a recruiting today on Breeze instead of Mammoth since Mammoth was one bar and dead and Breeze was three bars and well, alive. Lots of people were at the Town so we decided to recruit there instead of Mammoth. We logged on at 3:45 PM EST and logged off at 4:27 PM EST or so. Our tactics weren’t that good but I guess decent. Our size was not bad. We almost got 40 troops at the event. I also think we recruit very very many people. I saw tons of people turning green. We will see how many people join ACP today on the Join Page. The event was lead by KenFunkEk. So basically Ken, Funks, and that other guy Ek. Icey Cold was also there for a bit! Ek was late since his excuse was he was at the hospital or something. I’ll let you off this time Ek! The ACP comes before health! Well just kidding but Ek seriously (wary)

I made Funks cameraman and he snapped up some good shots of us. Some of his pictures are below.

Everyone was pretty good with the recruiting. All of you kept chanting the recruiting phrases and everything. Since it was to be a recruiting session and not a tactics one, we did not give too many orders. We mainly just reminded you to keep chanting and using the recruiting words and phrases.  Next week we should hopefully be able to get even more! Today we got maybe 36-38 troops on at most but next week we might have 45 or more! It is just a difference 7-9 troops guys! We can be sure to pull it off with just a bit more ounces of sweat and determination.  I also heard there was a football game going on today. England vs the world. I don’t mind if you watch it while you are on CP during a recruiting just pay attention to orders. Best of luck to England. Overall we didn’t do horrible but we can improve as always.

~Kenneth1000 & Kingfunks

19 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. For the first time!!!!!!!

  3. AW had an event at the same time, and there’s was a little more “important.” Luckily I was still able to make both armies events.

  4. I made an honorable mention for mch lol

  5. I was there. 🙂

  6. I made it and the hospital thing was earlier. I was playing football yet somehow that shouldn’t tie in. 😀

  7. I camez, did we get any medals ?

  8. Oh yeah I was there to. 🙂

  9. I came. I think we should keep using the “TURN GREEN FOR COOKIES” thing a bunch. People like to be rewarded for joining.

  10. couldnt go i was playing hockey with my buddy

  11. I only came for a little bit since I was at my other friend’s house (she just happens to be a girl) and I stayed until about 7:00 CST. It was fun, other than her brother making me nervous (he had a fake GUN in the house). We played CP for a little while (we started at around 4:30-ish), she showed me another Disney game, swung on her swingset, played her Wii, and had dinner. Like I said earlier, we had fun.

  12. I was there!!!! Oh yeah! (Tamiyami)

  13. I came.

  14. Came at the very end

  15. Hey I’m sorry I couldn’t make it. I was at a tournament and then a barbecue after. Sorry!

  16. Got here again, never miss any recruiting for my favorite army.

  17. im on the top pic, in the middle

  18. im rockdude707 in the top pic

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