Something You All Should Know


Recently there has been a lot of talk about Flipper always being afk on chat and not posting etc. Well I really do not know if I should really be saying but this just isn’t the Flip flop we all know. Not too long ago someone close to Flipper has passed away. He is obviously depressed by this and when he is depressed I am sort of depressed as well since he is one of my best friends around here. I ave also been busy with the tests and stuff since school is going to end soon. The reason I am posting a bit on this is cause some of you have been talking bad about Flip without knowing what he is going through. As his best friend, it hurts me too when people say mean or some of mean things about him without knowing what he is dealing with. Flipper wouldn’t just go afk all the time for no reason would he? There is no doubt in my mind Flipper cares about the ACP. But he is probably just under too much stress and sadness to be his old self again.

Flipper if you are reading this, don’t worry, I am still thinking about you. I wish I can talk to you more about when we make decisions but its just that whenever I see you, you aren’t really there. If you want to talk to me I am always here. We can talk via our secret site for example. Flip if you didn’t want me to post this I am really sorry and I understand. It just hurt me to see all this stuff being said without knowing what is really going on. Anyways I will be leaving ACP in June, since there is also a practical reason why I should, after 3-4 years with you guys.

Flip read the secret site please. If you are angry  at me for posting this talk to me. It doesn’t help to keep emotions bottled up. Everyone always needs someone to talk to right? I am sure after people will understand, after all we are a caring army right? I just hope you feel better emotionally soon.


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  1. I can feel the electric force of this post, it sends off strong signals. ;n;

  2. I think I speak for all of us when I say I wish Flip good luck.

  3. stupid posts are stupid

  4. Flipper and Kenneth, one thing about being in ACP is you always have so many people (we are like family!) around you that care about you. I’m certain anyone would love to be there for you if you need them and I’m sure knowing what Kenneth has disclosed to us above, your ACP brothers and sisters will be very supportive, understanding, and patient for whatever time you need.
    A FRIEND LOVES AT ALL TIMES. Proverbs 17:17


  6. Oh sorry… I commented before I had read this post… please remove my prev. comment on here I’m sorry

  7. Dear Flipper

    Oh Flipper,
    How wonderful you were,
    Now someone passed away,
    For Flipper I say,
    How wonderful you were,
    Please come back soon,
    We are all very sad,
    For you and you’re friend,
    Just please come back soon,

    From Pingugreen6

  8. Like my poem?

  9. don’t leave and why are you leaving

  10. i feel really bad about you flip even if i never really known you i really feel sorry and ken if u leave whose gonna take over?

  11. flipper my man stay strong bro all your troops are here for ya and especially ken…i know what its liketo lose somebody close to you, so you take as much time as you want away from ACP until youve completley healed. on another note ken your like the best leader ever, why are you retiring now?

  12. Oh Jesus… I know what this means

  13. Sorry for your loss, Flip.

  14. Dear Flipper and Kenneth,
    I feel really bad for you guys. The same thing happened to one of my friends (it wasn’t my friend though). I knew them and I know how you feel. I hope you feel better soon.

  15. Im coming home leaving the campground now
    Hope you feel better soon Flip

  16. 0_0

  17. I was a bit of an idiot yesterday, Ken. You should stay in ACP once you step down.

  18. flip dont worry we’ll be with you til the end of the time were all like best friends too you! KEN i hope you help flip and lead him through his challenges til the end of time and im the one who posted a comment above but messed up on my name

  19. Poor Flipper. You’ll get through it Flip. I know you will. It’ll be sad to see you guys leave.

  20. Kenneth please tell me it’s June 2015 or something…
    please don’t go 😦

  21. Sorry for your loss Flipper. I know how you feel. Hope you get better soon. 🙂

  22. Man, so much can happen in just 2012 spring. First in April, ACPTR shuts down until May. Next, ACP’s funds have gone down so our senate meeting is in a soda barrel. Now our 2 Supreme Commanders are basically gonna leave. This is also probally difficult for Flipper, I am so sorry for his lost. As well as Kenneth is going to retire after 3 – 4 years, also at the same time as Flipper.









  23. Mind = Blown.

  24. To Flip and Ken
    “If you think you are beaten, you are.
    If you think you dare not, you don’t.
    If you’d like to win but think you can’t,
    It’s almost certain you won’t.
    Life’s battles don’t always go
    To the stronger or faster man,
    But sooner or later, the man who wins
    Is the man who thinks he can.
    By Walter.D.Wintle”
    Flip life will go on you have freinds who will stick with you and no matter what you do they will stay with you.
    Ken i can’t believe you everyone loves you i can see you need to move on and there nothing we can do but we will miss you

    ~Super edwin~

  25. Well miss you ken

  26. I hope you get better Flipper and it was great to be with Kenneth in this army 🙂

  27. I feel sorry for Flipper i wish you all the best

  28. dont miss it!!! the only good army ever!!!

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