The Breezy Evening And More

Funks: None of the big armies leave declaration of war comments anymore; not even we give notice.

Hello ACP

I am Jcapp64, current Lieutenant General for ACP. I do behind the scenes work for ACP, and I have extended knowledge for ACP, so as part of the agreement, I monitor the site to make sure nothing bad is happening. Now, onto the evening post.

SWAT, our recent war enemy, was getting bombarded by many Light Troops on one of their servers. Being the nice person I am, I decided to see if they needed help. They said help was fine, but I couldn’t get a leader’s permission to do anything. Only when the Light Troops started to raid Breeze, did I have to take action. SWAT willfully came in and offered as much assistance as they could, even though it wasn’t a lot. We did have low numbers and we ended up going off the server because of  bad logistics and timing. 

I’ll go ahead and say it, ACP AND THE TACTICS THEY USED WERE NOT ENOUGH, WHICH MADE US  LOSE, however, ACP still won a little bit, because even with a raid, LT didn’t have the 24 hour rule, meaning they could not claim the server as their own. No matter what attempts they made on Breeze, they didn’t get to claim it as their own at the end of the day.

However, we must be more active. Activity is down, and we all know it. Just because we don’t have stuff going on doesn’t mean we can just drink soda and watch the computer at nyan cat or whatever. Ask a leader to start an event up. Do whatever you want with friends on chat. Make some recruiting sessions.


One can come and bring up false claims against us, like the fake chat use to impersonate some people, and the comments taken from the ACP site, however, through a few checks and intelligence scans, their declaration for war is BOGUS. Take a look:

Take a look at that. The first sentence, which would be all I needed to check for the comment left on the ACP site. Where is it?

Oh well thank you Billyhiggaz. You’ve provided us with grand information.

So, should we go full force attacking? Let us know in the comments


Join the ACPTR!!

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Hai ACP,

ACPTR is our training regiment for ACP. We turn recruits into soldiers. To join you must be between the ranks of Corporal-Captain. We hope to get lots of new cadets for this upcoming month of June. ACPTR has trained many cadets that have become ACP legends now. Kenneth1000, ACP’s current leader was at one time in ACPTR. We will teach you many useful things about CP armies such as Leadership, Tactics, and History. So if you are between the ranks of Corporal and Captain and you want to become the best soldier you can be I highly recommend joining ACPTR.

The ACPTR is an ACP Brigade devoted to the teaching Club Penguin Warfare to new recruits of the ACP. ACPTR stands for ACP Training Regiment, and is currently lead by Coolto, Tes, and Icey Cold27. It was created in June 2008 by Omega39 and was originally called ABC (ACP Boot Camp). In the ACPTR, you attend events and classes to achieve Credits. At the end of each month, depending on how many Credits you have, you earn a rank and a promotion in the ACP.

If you have any questions about joining ACPTR or anything about it you can find either Coolto, Tes, or Icey Cold27 on ACP’s chat and we will answer any of your questions. We are always willing to help you  out or answer any of your questions so feel free to ask us! If you cant find us on chat then check out ACPTR’s website (located in the link above) you can find pretty much everything about us there. So if you want to be the best soldier you can be join us, we wont let you down!!

Sign-ups (leave in a comment):

  • What is your CP name?

  • What is your ACP rank?

  • Are you UK? When are you usually on (days and times)?

  • Will you promise to be active?

A Pre-Ektive Strike? Did you See What I Did There? Ek and Emp?

Ken: As I said before, I do not want a war with LT but your actions have been belligerent. Raid us one more time and we will declare war along with many other armies. Do not make another mistake, I DO NOT WANT WAR WITH THE  LIGHT TROOPS. I repeat DO NOT RAID OUR SERVERS or there will be consequences.

Hai ACP,

Our goal this or coming month is to get bigger. I am talking about stay number one with no competitors really. To do that we must work hard. Recently the Light Troops our old enemies have been dying to attack us again. They are still underestimating us even though we destroyed them well pretty much every time we fought them really. Here is what is happening. The SWAT and others are attacking LT after they found this picture. There have been allegations that the picture of Roberto is fake. But how do explain that picture of Ioio? That was taken personally by an ACP owner.

Okay okay calm down guys, I know you do not like SWAT. I have NO intention of allying with them unless you guys are okay with it. Are you okay with it? I am sort of on a fence but anyways it is up to you. I trust Jerry but not the majority of the crazy SWAT leadership. Trust is earned not given. Even though we are not a democracy, the troops should be allowed to give their opinions too.

Well my question here is, do you guys want a war? If SWAT does not hold up the ACP is next. Just like in the Second World War, when France couldn’t hold out, Germany was going to go for the United Kingdom next. In all honesty I do not want a war with the Light Troops. But if we must, we must. I do not want a huge full scale war if we are going to war, since our goal is still to be growing bigger. But if the LT are really going to try and kill the ACP, I have no choice but to engage in total war. Here is another pic of SWAT.

Did you hear that medium armies? The Light Troops wants to get you and kill you. If I were you I would attack first. Here is the ultimatum, if you do not contact the ACP in form of a comment or PC to an owner to indicate your intentions, invasions will be scheduled. Cause I do not know exactly what the hell you are trying to do. Even the Nachos were smart enough not to fight ACP and SWAT almost all at once. With all due respect LT, are you on crack?

Remember that I am not trying to influence anyone’s opinion. I myself am quite content with not going to war and just recruiting to get bigger and everything. But if armies like LT are going to try and threaten the ACP with war or anything like that, you will get some serious consequences.

What Do YOU The Troops Think? Comment With Your Opinion! What Should We Do?


I Say Old Chap, What’s Going On?

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Why the SWAT and LT aren’t trustworthy.

Hai ACP,

Recently the SWAT and LT asked myself and other owners if they would like to be allies to this wonderful army. If you are a new troop, the LT and SWAT have both been at war with us in the past and have been very mean and rude to us. However, I am under the information that BOTH armies are planning on backstabbing us. 

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