A Pre-Ektive Strike? Did you See What I Did There? Ek and Emp?

Ken: As I said before, I do not want a war with LT but your actions have been belligerent. Raid us one more time and we will declare war along with many other armies. Do not make another mistake, I DO NOT WANT WAR WITH THE  LIGHT TROOPS. I repeat DO NOT RAID OUR SERVERS or there will be consequences.

Hai ACP,

Our goal this or coming month is to get bigger. I am talking about stay number one with no competitors really. To do that we must work hard. Recently the Light Troops our old enemies have been dying to attack us again. They are still underestimating us even though we destroyed them well pretty much every time we fought them really. Here is what is happening. The SWAT and others are attacking LT after they found this picture. There have been allegations that the picture of Roberto is fake. But how do explain that picture of Ioio? That was taken personally by an ACP owner.

Okay okay calm down guys, I know you do not like SWAT. I have NO intention of allying with them unless you guys are okay with it. Are you okay with it? I am sort of on a fence but anyways it is up to you. I trust Jerry but not the majority of the crazy SWAT leadership. Trust is earned not given. Even though we are not a democracy, the troops should be allowed to give their opinions too.

Well my question here is, do you guys want a war? If SWAT does not hold up the ACP is next. Just like in the Second World War, when France couldn’t hold out, Germany was going to go for the United Kingdom next. In all honesty I do not want a war with the Light Troops. But if we must, we must. I do not want a huge full scale war if we are going to war, since our goal is still to be growing bigger. But if the LT are really going to try and kill the ACP, I have no choice but to engage in total war. Here is another pic of SWAT.

Did you hear that medium armies? The Light Troops wants to get you and kill you. If I were you I would attack first. Here is the ultimatum, if you do not contact the ACP in form of a comment or PC to an owner to indicate your intentions, invasions will be scheduled. Cause I do not know exactly what the hell you are trying to do. Even the Nachos were smart enough not to fight ACP and SWAT almost all at once. With all due respect LT, are you on crack?

Remember that I am not trying to influence anyone’s opinion. I myself am quite content with not going to war and just recruiting to get bigger and everything. But if armies like LT are going to try and threaten the ACP with war or anything like that, you will get some serious consequences.

What Do YOU The Troops Think? Comment With Your Opinion! What Should We Do?


37 Responses

  1. 2nd

  2. whoever is impersonating rob is seriously sad

  3. 4th!!!!

  4. You know my opinion on it, Ken. ^(*o*)^

  5. coff is making thhe fake pictures, also why would i want to kill ACP if we just lost to them in a huge ass war, and i never really use that good of grammar when im on LT chat

    Edit: Proof?

  6. oh and now look at that crap. “d you hear that medium armies? The Light Troops wants to get you and kill you. If I were you I would attack first. Here is the ultimatum, if you do not contact the ACP in form of a comment or PC to an owner to indicate your intentions, invasions will be scheduled.”

    not only you have to impersonate our leader, you also have to ask help for medium armies. nice, Ken.

    • “Here is the ultimatum, if you do not contact the ACP in form of a comment or PC to an owner to indicate your intentions, invasions will be scheduled.” I think Ken is giving the Light Troops an ultimatum. In other words, it’s ‘apologize or else’. I think fair is fair.

  7. This is crazy.

  8. by the way, nice try SWAT, but roberto has a different XAT picture than the one you’re using to impersonate him.

  9. I see what you did thar

  10. stop using fake pictures as a excuse for war

  11. If they do plan war… try to do another alliance like ANDI but this this time make it ANDIT (ACP, Nachos, Doritos, Ice Warriors, and Tacos).

  12. i say that if LT strikes firat, we strike hard, but i dont wanna engage in battle first, lets sit back and watch what happens, if they attack, well take em out, but for now, just keep spying on their chat to see what else they plan. i dont even think we need to get bigger btw, imean in tha SWAT war we only lost like 10 or 15 guys, nothing major, so i say were pretty prepared

    • I agree with Colonel Camplazlo3 as usual, this guy has great things to say!
      I only disagree with him one one issue. I DO see a great need for us to recruit and get bigger and stronger. We have many ACP members but we need enthusiastic, active members right now. Unfortunately so many ACP sit in chat and just talk without any action when called upon. We need these new recruits badly because their enthusiasm of being a part of something so new, big, and great will help us in events, patrolling, etc. We need to beef up for upcoming BIG events in the summer that I am predicting will happen…(wary) We also need new, more impressive tactics, perfected for what we face. Please submit any ideas for new tactics to leaders ASAP.

      Colonel Camplazlo3, you are a respected Colonel, yet have the enthusiasm of a new recruit that I VERY much admire. I hope others will look up to you as a role model and inspiration and join your–OUR enthusiasm and energy for keeping this army electrified an on top!

      • i vote snaily the presdent of all CP warfare. and now that i talk to a bunch of people on cp who said they left ACP we need to recruit. and snaily your goiing to make a great leader of this army one day, and a great one in real life, so take care!


  14. If we get into war with them, I think we should make an alliance with Ice Warriors and Nachos.


  16. so you don’t want war but you show these fake pictures to everyone? kenneth, you know those are fake, so stop posting them.

    • Stop saying that they aren’t fake. you have no proof for god sakes. And I think Ken is pretty smart if he knew they were fake [which they aren’t] he wouldnt be posting it.

  17. SWAT might not hold back from the LT so that basically means that we, the ACP will have to do war on LT that means we need to be bigger AND stronger. That means we need to recruit AND train. Is that right?

  18. Ermm…Whats next? Small armies?

  19. Dang, this is not good. Wait, so LT are going to try to defeat ACP and SWAT?

  20. No choice Ken. They’ve scheduled invasions already

  21. You guys need to post defenses. LT invading you guys tomorrow.

  22. “With all due respect LT, are you on crack?”
    lol Ken

  23. “Did you hear that medium armies? The Light Troops wants to get you and kill you.” If the LT kill acp, I’ll eat my keyboard. Piece. By. Piece.

  24. First, I will not alliance with SWAT because of their horrible conduct in the CP community. We don’t need them.

    Second, as far a LT is concerned, yesterday’s unscheduled raid was a LOW BLOW. If LT felt they were any good as an army, they would have scheduled an event with our leaders without doing the sneak attack. They know they can’t beat ACP’s forces in a scheduled event. I say we go to war with LT if needed. I totally support war because LT needs to be reminded of ACP’s strength and power and how not to mess with us or any smaller armies we defend–or at least follow the proper procedures when it comes to events with other armies.

    Third, when the LT raid was announced in chat yesterday I jumped into CP as fast as possible to evaluate the situation and help defend our capital. I was saddened by the lack of enthusiasm in the chat and how few ACP got logged into cp to help out. At one point in the Town, we had about 12 ACP and LT was almost completely circling the town drilling. When we relocated into the forts, I was the only ACP there, then 3 showed up and we ended up with 6 total. This week we need to patrol heavily and take every claim in chat of invasion or army gathering on our servers seriously and everyone log into CP and assess the situation. If we work together as a team, which we are, we can overcome or disperse these threats immediately and keep our dominance and servers.

  25. um i dont know any of the LIGHT TROOPS servers so someone please tell me because im not in any of this bussienss since i am soemtimes busy if u can tell me thank you

  26. My name is in the title. Ha Ha. 😀

  27. True dat LT is on crack

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